Friday, April 20, 2012

Hugs, Goodwill and Men in the Shower

Dawn's Plot Swap
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An Atlanta couple's dreams of the perfect wedding could be in tatters after the would-be groom accidentally gave the engagement ring to Goodwill.
So many ways to go with this! What does the Groom-to-be say to his fiance? What if she isn't "the one" but the sweet girl working at Goodwill who finds the ring and searches him out to return it is? 

 Coca-Cola's global marketing campaign dubbed "Open Happiness" takes on a new twist with a Coke vending machine that asks passers by to give it a hug.
This is just weird. Don't know exactly what you could do with it as a plot, but I couldn't resist including it. 
Yeah, I know. It's pretty doubtful he looked like this. But, what if he wasn't a yucky burglar. When you take the creepiness out of it, there's lot that can be done with finding a man in your shower who has already helped himself to some champagne.

So, swap with me! Read any good plots lately?

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Teri Anne Stanley said...

Hmmm...shower man with a Coke and a smile?

I was in Kroger one night (maybe after a party. Maybe) and the Coors Beer Wolf started talking to me. I didn't answer him...