Friday, April 13, 2012

Help Wanted

Dawn's Plot Swap
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 Help Wanted 

If your character is feeling like this: 
 You can send them this:

Hangover Heaven is a curbside service designed to treat people with hangovers by re-hydrating them with IVs and giving them anti-nausea medicine
Someone working one of these would be an endless source of stories! Especially since the company is based in Vegas. The MC could become involved in a love triangle, mob secrets, alcohol-induced weddings, and whatever else goes with people too drunk to function. 

Need a secret superhero? 
Great potential for a sweet romance, but...what if he is Batman?
Somebody call for a pizza? 
There's no topping this for stupidity.  A crystal meth user landed himself in trouble with police when he accidentally handed over his stash while paying for a pizza.
This is screaming for a suspense plot, right? What does the pizza person do with the drugs? With if the police are watching and he/she gets unwittingly caught in a sting operation? 
Grumpy Gator
Some days, I can fully identify with the gator's side of this story!
So, swap with me! What does your character do for living? Got any good job stories to share that would make a great plot? 


Jessica R. Patch said...

Dawn, these are so great! I love the hangover van! LOL OMG!

I'm still laughing over them all. I think the Batman story is so sweet.

Jerrie Alexander said...

Remind me to stay out of Port Allen! Only in Vegas would you see the hangover bus!!

Cute post.