Thursday, April 26, 2012

Friday Plot Swap~Crazy Crime Style

Dawn's Plot Swap
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Crazy Crimes. 
I was going to call this "Crime Spree style" but not all of these qualify as a"spree" and "Stuff normal people would never do."  was too long to fit in the title box. 

 Busy little bee, isn't he?

The article has a timeline. You can just scroll down and follow the fun. They caught him in a vat of water with only his nose exposed. Does it get loonier than that?

Speaking of bees,

What kind of thought process went into that? What does one do with a shoplifted 500-pound beehive? Is there some kind of beehive black market that no one talks about?

And, last today,
Beat it! 

There must have been copious amounts of alcohol involved in this situation. Or, at least, one dedicated Michael Jackson fan! 
I am including this link to a  handy 
video as a public service in case any of my readers are ever forced to perform an 80's dance move at gun point. 
 I am here for you. 

So, swap with me! Can you make sense out of any of the stories this week? Could your MC do these things and have motivation other than "the voices told me to?" Heard any good plots lately?


Welcome Lavender Daye!

Thinking about Thursday

 Lavender Daye 

From her website: Lavender was born and raised in Texas and began her writing career in elementary school, where she wrote about the romance of two fellow students. Now she writes with happily-ever-after in mind at all times, sure that every woman deserves a little fairy tale of her own.
Lavender's book debuts May 1st. 
I'm excited to have with us today. 

Let's get to know Lavender! 

Tell us about your book.

A young woman’s journey into a world she didn’t know existed.
Bound by Trust is the story of a young woman on an adventure. Kerri dresses up to go to a club, not knowing her friend is taking her to a BDSM hangout.  While waiting in line, she’s recognized by one of the attorneys from work, and he takes her into the private side of the club as his submissive—and she has no idea what that means until she gets inside with him.

Since you are writing erotic romance, what is your opinion of all the media attention the genre has received recently?

I think it’s great! Too many people disregard romance as a legitimate creative media but our authors are often on the cutting edge, and many of them write about BDSM. Maybe the media attention surrounding E L James’ Fifty  Shades of Gray will bring a few mainstream readers into the happily –ever-after world of romance. 

I love the tag line for your website: Fairy Tales for Smart Women. How did you come up with that? 

I’ve always loved fairy tales.  The handsome prince, the damsel in distress, an evil presence.  All are part of a great story.   Doesn’t  every woman want to be rescued by a prince and live happily ever after?   

What is your writing process like? Do you have a big plotting board with sticky notes or do you just sit down and write whatever comes out? 

I’m definitely a pantser!  I like to start each story with an interesting inciting incident involving the hero and heroine, followed by something a little unusual. Most of the time, I have a fairly clear direction I want the story to go. After that, I listen to the characters in my head. They don’t always follow the directions I give them, which makes for a surprising story.

What has been the best part of this journey for you? 

All the wonderful people I’ve met in the last few years. I’ve made new friends, learned a lot and found a world I enjoy living in.
Tell us about getting "The Call".

It took me a long time to actually send in my submission. Months of procrastinating followed by ten minutes of knit picking while I considered the send button. I sent it on Friday night, and Tuesday I had an email from Siren about publishing Bound by Trust.  My personal Prince Charming came running when I screamed his name, and gave me a big hug.
What's next for you? 

I’m working on a short series. The first book is a ménage, and the two sequels are BDSM, but they’re not quite finished.

Where can we find out more about you?

Thank you so much for visiting with us, Lavender! I happen to know Lavender in real life and she is great. 
What questions do have for her?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Welcome C.A. Szarek!

Tell Me Your Story Tuesday


C.A. (or Chrissy, as I know her, because, you know I got it like that) and I  like to tease each other, but she is loads of fun and I enjoy hanging out with her. I'm happy to have her with us today, sharing her exciting news!
Chrissy and Dawn at the Texas Two Step Conference

  Let's get to know Chrissy! 

First, tell us your great news about your upcoming release.
My first novel, Sword’s Call (Book 1 in theKing’s Riders Series) Will be published by Gypsy Shadow Publishing and will be out April 30,  2013.  They have actually picked up my whole series! :)

 What sources do you use for your inspiration? Books? Movies? Random people at the mall?
I get inspiration from anywhere, I think. I have been writing for so long, since I was about 14. I actually wrote my first book then. (Yes, I still have it. Interesting reading, that one. But I would soooo never show it to anyone).
I have always loved fantasy, and that is my first love as a genre, but I will read anything that looks good and often get inspiration from what I read.

You have done some very original series on your blog. Tells us about your A-Z. Also, you have a serial going on there right now. Tell us about that! 

I see that everyone has hopped on the Alphabet Game train, which is really cool. I did mine from late Jan to late March.

 I have an “established” fantasy world I created for a series I am working on, and I decided to use the letters as a way to have small adventures w/ the main characters from my world as well as introduce some secondary characters. I even made a few up brand new, and in turn got more ideas for future books.

 It was a great exercise that got my creative juices and honestly refocused me to get back to a project (2nd book in my series) that I have been ignoring for quite some time.

The serial that I am doing involves one of those couples that I made up for the Alphabet Game. They are featured in “Y is for Yours” and “Z is for Zethan” and basically they told me they weren’t done w/ me. Getting to know them better and write their love story is fun. I am doing it weekly. Check back every Weds to see how their story is progressing!

What is your favorite part of the writing process? First draft? Revisions?
Not really sure. I am a diehard pantser, so I guess it’s just how the story develops in my head.

 What do you do when you aren't writing? I hear you have quite an interesting job.
I have two jobs, actually. I work with kids at both. During the week I am the Juvenile Case Manager at a Municipal Court, and on the weekends I work at a shelter for teens. 

When I am not being a work-a-holic, and am NOT writing, I watch WAY too much TV and I read. I also love to scrapbook. And I spend way too much time on Facebook and Twitter. 

  What has been the best part of your writing journey?
              Sharing my stories with the world.
        What  has been the best advice you have received along the way? 
              What advice would you give someone   starting out?
 I belong to a great group of writers at NTRWA, so I am not sure I can hammer it down to any certain piece of advice. Everyone is so awesome and would do anything for a writer in need. But, what I can say is that if you want this, this dream of being published NEVER GIVE UP! It will happen if you persevere.
Also, join another group of writers. I personally wish I would have done it years ago. It’s too hard to go it alone. You might love your family and friends, but no one will understand you like another writer. 

 What is next for you?
Continue writing. My characters won’t leave me alone until I write them down. Kinda annoying, but just how it is. ;)

 Where can we connect with you? Facebook? Twitter? Blog

Thank you for visiting with us, Chrissy!
So, what else do you want to know about her?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Hugs, Goodwill and Men in the Shower

Dawn's Plot Swap
Have a plot? Leave one.
Need a plot ? Take one.
An Atlanta couple's dreams of the perfect wedding could be in tatters after the would-be groom accidentally gave the engagement ring to Goodwill.
So many ways to go with this! What does the Groom-to-be say to his fiance? What if she isn't "the one" but the sweet girl working at Goodwill who finds the ring and searches him out to return it is? 

 Coca-Cola's global marketing campaign dubbed "Open Happiness" takes on a new twist with a Coke vending machine that asks passers by to give it a hug.
This is just weird. Don't know exactly what you could do with it as a plot, but I couldn't resist including it. 
Yeah, I know. It's pretty doubtful he looked like this. But, what if he wasn't a yucky burglar. When you take the creepiness out of it, there's lot that can be done with finding a man in your shower who has already helped himself to some champagne.

So, swap with me! Read any good plots lately?