Friday, December 31, 2010

Tell me your story-NYE Style

Okay, so it isn't Tuesday, but I wanted to do a Tell Me Your Story post anyway.

New Year's Eve style.

I having been trying to conjure up my best memory of New Year's Eve. Difficult, because most of them blend together in an alcohol-induced haze. The overarching themes from my younger years involve  friends, a karaoke machine and lots of drinking in the back bedroom. Unfortunately, a good portion of it is preserved on video.

Must destroy all copies before my children are old enough to see...

One NYE that will always make me smile centers around sneaking a friend's underage brother  into a bar in New Mexico. He didn't drink, just hung with us.That same night,  I vaguely remember running the table on a friend's overly-confident (read : cocky jerk)  fiance while everyone thought I was too toasted to stand up, much less focus on the cue ball.

At midnight, everyone else kiss their future husbands, I kissed three gay men. 

The New Year's Eve Kiss-at-Midnight thing as never worked out well for me.

Case in point, at the time of one of the aforementioned parties, I was seeing two different guys (one for fun, one for keeps- I thought) and heavily flirting with a third ( because this was college and he was just hot!).

All three made an appearance at the party.

Fun Guy~ stopped by long enough to try to persuade me to leave with him. Stayed less than fifteen minutes. Wasn't there at midnight, but called at 2 am because he hadn't found anyone better to bring in the New Year with. Yeah, he was a winner.

For Keeps Guy~ Came by for a while. Had been drinking since noon. Drank more with me and inexplicably left at about 11:45.

Hot Guy~ Asked me to go outside with him when For Keeps Guy left so we could "talk some place private" *Promising* Made me sit in the front seat of his freezing truck while he confessed his undying love for my roommate and asked me to help set it up so he could kiss her at midnight.

Yet, another year I kissed three gay men.

So, tell me your story. What is your best New Year's Eve? What is your worst? 

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

It is what it is...

Thinking about Thursday

Like everyone else today, I am thinking about 2011. As I mentioned in my previous post 2010 was "less than stellar". Honestly, I am  uneasy about 2011. It is already not going to be the year I hoped for and it hasn't even started yet.

One of my mother's more annoying phrases is "It is what it is." This is her frustrating non-response to anything unpleasant. Recently, I saw an addition to this phrase that changed it completely for me.

It is what it is but it will be what you make it.

So, the question for today is:
What am I going to make it?

I have three basic goals for this year.

1. Find a critique group/ partner.
    I have to let someone with objectivity read my work. It is just time.

2. Attend a writing conference.
    I am aiming for DFWCON in February. 

3. Query.
    Even if it is just one email. Just to prove I can.

Hold me to these, please. I am a people-pleaser. I don't mind letting myself down, but if someone else is holding me accountable, I almost never let them down.

So, what you about you? What are you going to make 2011? 

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


2010 just wasn't my year...for anything. If you want an example of the sordid details, you can read my review of the summer here. But, basically, it was an unsatisfying year. --> I had the word "crappy", but put it into for a more civilized  word.

Unsatisfying is a perfect description.

Unsatisfying because I expected  more. Much, much more.

I knew the changes to my job would be challenging. I didn't expect them to be overwhelming to the point of (metaphoric) suffocation. 

I wanted to focus on my writing, but life, kids,my mother and other randomness pushed it aside.

And as I wrote earlier this month, I am still right here.


Before you call me a therapist or click unfollow because "Wow, she is depressing."

I am confident it is going to get better.

I look at the possibilities before me for 2011 and I am beyond excited.

I have two manuscripts ready for the Great Expectations contest.
I am going to the DFW Writer's Workshop Conference.
and I may just quit my day job after reading this post by JM Tohline.

So, 2010 wasn't it for me. Not at all. But 2011 will be here in a few days. Bring it on!

Next Thursday, I will be listing my goals for 2011. Please drop by so you can hold me accountable later!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thinking about ... Thursday

 Today, I am thinking about...
Where to begin?
I am pondering a complete rewrite of the opening scene in my entry for the Great Expectations Contest. Based on feedback from the last contest, I may have started at the wrong place. I love some of the lines in the scene as it is. I hate to lose the character interaction, but it is mostly back story presented through a cast (no, really, they are doing a theater production) of characters.

A judge suggested starting at the next scene and including the information from the first by using introspection. I am not real clear how to do that. 

I am also not sure I will have enough to time to completely rewrite it the way I think it should go. After all, it is the holidays!

So, that is what I am thinking about today. What about you? Have you ever moved your starting point and it worked out for the best? Can you give some suggestions on using introspection without it becoming a "telling, not showing" problem? What is on your mind about your writing?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tell Me Your Story Tuesday

I want to hear your story!

As my blog title and URL state, I am a "writer in waiting" who is still "chasing someday".

I plan to venture into the world of querying and rejection this year.

That is where you come in. I love to read about other people's journey to publication.
Would you be interested in sharing your story with me?

If you are an already published author who would like to share your story and, of course, advertise your upcoming release or if you are a pre-published author walking through this journey with me, I would love put your story on "Tell Me Your Story Tuesday."

Please email me at the address in my profile.

I plan to start posting stories on Tuesdays in January 2011.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Changes and a look back

    Last January, when I wrote this post I hoped to be celebrating the changes brought on during 2010. Now, as 2011 creeps closer, I realize I got the changes. Just not the celebration.

     Back when no one read this but me, I wrote about my career. Even as  I toyed with the idea of chasing my dream to be an author, I worried it wasn't what I was meant to do.  I was snuggled into my comfort zone. Teaching wasn't as challenging and fulfilling as it had once been, but it was safe. I knew I could do it. I wasn't going to fail.

    I linked the previous post because I am still right there. All of those thoughts are with me daily. This year was not what I expected at all. Changes have been smacking me in the face.

     My position is being relocated. If I stay with teaching then next year I will be starting over on a new campus with new people... again. My comfort zone is being unraveled.

    This would be the time to make a solid, clean break.  Teaching will always be there. I can always go back. But, for the first time ever, the opportunity to write full time is a viable option. I don't know if I will always have the courage to try. I am not sure I have the courage now.

      I feel like I have climbed to the top of the high dive. I already know how to swim, but staring down at the water. I am too terrified to jump in.