Saturday, August 21, 2010

Twilight of Summer

School starts on Monday. This summer was not good. I attended two funerals ( one saddening and one heart wrenching). I made the very grown up and unbearable decision to allow my best four legged friend to be free from her suffering. I prayed without ceasing for a dear friend who spent over a month in the hospital recovering from a horrible accident.

I missed my father more than usual.
 I wrote very little.

 In June I gave myself these goals:

1. Finish editing "Book 2" and give the poor thing a title!
2. Take an online writing course
3. Launch StoryTwister
4. Finish editing "Book 1"

1. I did finish editing Book 2. It still has no title.
2. I did enroll in a writing course about Forensics for Writers. I quit after the first three weeks because the material was not what I expected and dreadfully boring.
3. I did NOTHING with Story Twister ( Probably one of my most disappointing failure to completes)
4. I did revision Book 1 ( again) 

And the "Big One": send one query to prove I can....

 Evidently, I can't.

I am at the same crossroads I mentioned a few months ago. I took the position with the organization that is dear to my heart, but unrelated to writing.  My work schedule for the next nine months is INSANE. I am worried. I am scared and, worst of all, I am haunted by the feeling this ( my job, the organization, etc) isn't what I want to be doing.