Sunday, January 10, 2010


Funny, still feels exactly like 2009, which felt strangely similar to 2008. But it is officially 2010. In six months, I will be 35 years old.

The year I turned 30, I decided I wanted to be published. I was already a writer. I had been writing story since I as a child. I had an epiphany. I realized that if I was truly turning 30, someday, I would truly turn 40. By the age of 40, I wanted a book on the shelves of a store, even if it was only waiting for my mother and a few close friends to purchase it!

When I mentioned this to a friend, one of a handful of people in my life who knew I was a writer. Her response was, "I bet you can do it by 35."

While I appreciate her faith in me... it isn't going to happen by 35. It might not even happen by 36.

2010 feels like a good year.