Friday, June 29, 2012

Martial Arts, Soggy Cars and Soft Hearts

Dawn's Plot Swap
Have a plot? Leave one.
Need a plot ? Take one.
Here is what I have this week.
What did you bring to swap? 

This could be a great opening to a romance. Man rushes over to save Damsel-in-Distress, only she is already kicking everyone's butt. 

A follow-up story for this one revealed the car was stolen in 1976 and driven into the river by rigging the gas pedal. But, what if that is what they wanted you to believe? And, what happened between the time the car disappeared and when it was driven into the river? 

And, last today
an "AHHHH" story

Oh, the stories a teddy bear could tell. 
I was a "teddy bear" kid. My bear, Smokey (pictured above) was my constant companion and has now been passed down to my youngest daughter, who sleeps with him every night like I did. 
My uncle once drove over a 100 miles round trip to pick up Smokey from a hotel  so his hysterical niece could sleep that night.  I happen to know he did quite a bit of flirting with the clerk who thought it was beyond sweet that a 20-something guy was rescuing a lost bear. 
Lots of places to go with this one!

 Swap with me!
If you saw yesterday's post, you know my family and I just returned from vacation to  
San Antonio, Galveston and the boardwalk at Kemah.
Got any good vacation stories to swap? Lost childhood toys? Mysterious vehicles in rivers?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm Baaaaack!

Thinking about Thursday

Can you guess where I've been?

I'll give you another hint

And last

Also, I took 7,3919 pictures.
All of which I am going to include in this post!
Just keep scrolling! 

Just kidding. 

So, any guesses? I'll let you know the pictures above represent three different stops. 

Tomorrow, we will have our Friday Plot Swap! Then next week, I've got some great interviews lined up. 
Vacation is over. Time to get back to work! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Plot Swap~ It's a Jungle Out There!

Dawn's Plot Swap
Have a plot? Leave one.
Need a plot ? Take one.
Let's visit our friends in the animal kingdom.
Does anyone else see a contemporary romance in the making here? If you read the article, you will see they have called in all sorts of experts to "save" this marriage. 
Maybe an animal therapist must team up with a cynical caretaker to save a dying species?  
First of all, I had NO idea there were so many "psychic" animals used to predict sporting outcomes. Octopus, ferrets, pigs, raccoons... Wow. 
What interested me about this article is that it is human psychics pshawing the abilities of the animals. What if a psychic (or not-so-psychic) human was pitted against one of these animals? What if both of their lives depended on the outcome?
And  a bonus for you, since I know you all missed our plot swap last week. 
So, swap with me! Got any good animal stories? Or eater-of-household-products-turned-felon stories? 
Or just an orphaned plot you think deserves a good home? 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lucky Number 7

Tell Me Your Story Tuesday

I've been tagged!

The fabulous Jessica R. Patch tagged me in her 
Lucky 7 Meme
post on Monday. 
The rules are supposed to be: 
  1. Go to page 77 in my current manuscript
  2. Go to line 7
  3. Copy the next 7 lines/paragraphs and post them as they're written (no cheating!) 
  4. Pass the meme on to 7 other writers.

I struggled with this because I have several WIP going. Most of page 77s don't make any sense without some context. So, I cheated a bit. 
I went to the 7th document in my WIP file.
Which is only titled LUKE and picked page 7. 
So, here is what you get: 

    “A statement? A statement of what? I edited some pictures and somebody wants to kill me for it?” Gloria said.
   Luke crossed his arms. “David Buckner was picked up yesterday for allegedly beating his wife unconscious after their divorce hearing. During the hearing, she produced some very graphic pictures of him engaging in lewd acts with his secretary. Two hours after he was released on bond, he was dead.”
    “So, what do I do? Make a statement then go home so they can find my body when they come with my subpoena to testify?”
    “The department can protect you.”Luke said.
    “Like they protected me from Grigsby?”
    The familiar guilt pierced his heart. He dropped his gaze and walked to the door.
    “A lot has changed since then,” he said as he opened it.
    “Yeah, I can see that," she said. 

Wow,  it's hard to chose who to tag!  I am  going with:

And, ANYONE ELSE  who wants to play. I love reading these little snippets. SO, if I didn't tag you but you want to jump in, feel free! Let me know and I will pop over and read. 


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What are you reading?

Tell Me Your Story Tuesday
Now that I'm starting to settle into summer. I'm already getting restless.
 I need some books!

I tried (again) to finish the most recent book in a certain number series by a very beloved author. And, I just can't do it. I have put the book down three times. Sadly, I have reached the point where I don't care about the characters. 

 I need some suggestions! 
What are you reading this summer? 
I don't do horror (Me= Big, fat fraidy cat) 
but, I'll read just about anything else. 
Adult, YA, Suspense, Inspirational, Erotic, whatever. 

Mostly, I need something to keep me on the treadmill.
I read every morning while I walk. If I am into the story, I walk longer. 

Let's hear it. 
What should I read this summer? 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Photos, Oh-No, and WHOA!

Dawn's Plot Swap
Have a plot? Leave one.
Need a plot ? Take one.
Happy Friday!

A random garage sale purchase surprises a 13-year-old with a picture of a relative he had never known.

So many different ways you could go with this one!
 Time travel: 
The uncle was sending him a message and the camera is really a portal.
Romantic Suspense:
The mother of the 13 year old sees the picture and realizes the girl in the picture is really a powerful person's wife who died under mysterious circumstances, just like her brother. 

You can also check out a past post about weird coincidences here.  

   A Dallas woman has found Neiman Marcus' generous return policy lacking, saying the luxury retailer wouldn't let her return $1.4 million worth of tainted items— many of them gifts her husband purchased from a store employee with whom he was allegedly having an affair.

If this is my story, the personal assistant is totally winding up dead and the wife wrongfully accused, but that's just me. (And, fiction! I wish no ill-will toward this random store employee!)

This lady has class and spunk. She would make an awesome secondary character! 

What could you make out of these? 
What's going on in your WIP? 
Heard any good plots lately?