Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hooray for Katie Ganshert!

Tell Me Your Story Tuesday


A friendly voice: Hi Katie, it's Rachelle, and this is the call you've been waiting for....

If you aren't already following Katie, you should! 

Mondays she blogs about writing.
Fridays she blogs about cares, concerns and celebrations.

This Monday she had  a particularly exciting announcement.

No longer a Writer in Waiting

She has a TWO-BOOK DEAL!

Click here to read her great story about how it all came to be!



Wednesday, January 19, 2011

California Dreaming ~ Added Bonus

Thinking about Thursday

 California Dreaming
(Or is it gray? Did you know there is actually a website devoted to answering that question?   

             I am not really dreaming about California, but I felt like giving  a nod to The Mamas and The Papas anyway. Today, like most days when I am flat tired from my day job, I am dreaming about the life of a full time writer.
           I picture it like this :
  1. I send the kids off to school with a smile because I haven't spent the morning yelling things like,    "When you are late, then I am late! I don't care the socks don't match. Put them on and let's go!"                 
  2. I walk an hour on my treadmill while analyzing my plot points, constructing my character arcs and composing witty, believable dialogue. Added benefit: I lose 20-75 pounds while  working.                                                                                                                                                        
  3. I walk through my clean house with no dishes in the sink and no mound o' laundry poised to avalanche on to the kitchen floor to my computer.
  4. I write uninterrupted for hours as the words flow freely in the silent buzz of the empty house. I pause only to smile at my four legged companion who likes to sleep on my feet. Several thousands words a day grace my work in progress.  
  5. I have a quiet, peaceful lunch with my husband without having to remind someone not eat with her face in the plate like she is a dog. We also discuss sensitive topics without converting the conversation into "hide -the- true -meaning- from- the- kids" code which neither one of us can understand, but the kids can decipher with little effort. 
  6. I go back to writing for hours when he returns to work. Then easily shut down the computer when my children arrive home. Confident I have written my best and expended my creativity for the day.
  7. I spend the evening guilt-free. I cheerfully help with homework and prepare dinner instead of trying to write, microwave chicken strips and recite spelling words.
  8. I check homework, make the costume for the school play and remember snacks for the Girl Scout meeting because I am focused and organized without the added responsibilities of teaching
  9.  I check my email, converse with my friends on twitter, and prepare my blogs.
  10. I climb into bed at a decent hour, knowing all my ideas will wait. I have all day tomorrow to write. There is no need to stay up until all hours of the night.
*SIGH* So that is my dream. I know nothing is ever like you think it will be and my dream probably needs a reality check.

So tell me, what do you picture being a full-time writer to be like? If you are a full-timer, what is your day like?
( Be gentle. It is the only bubble I've got, don't burst it too harshly)

I like to dabble dream interpretation. It is for entertainment purposes only and I do not claim to have any talent in this area, but I have been told I am pretty good. So, leave me a dream in your comment and I will decipher it for you to the best of my ability. :)  

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just me

Tell Me Your Story Tuesday


Just Me
Today, I am featuring Me.
Presumptuous, I know. 
But since we already talked about sex, I thought we might get to know each a little better.

I have been writing since I can remember. It always surprises me when I meet other writers who say they are working on their first book. I have notebooks and notebooks of stories. Some complete, some not, some perfectly horrendous, some not so bad. Now, I have graduated to external hard drives. But, I have no idea how many I have  written.
I blame it on being an only child.

I loved being an only child. I never felt lonely or incomplete. But I did spend a lot of time making up stories to entertain myself which brings me to my first confession for today.
Until I was about 11 or 12, I thought everyone talked to themselves when they were alone. Not just making up stories or creative play, but "Oh, I like this song." or "I left my book at school. Wonder if we are going to have a test tomorrow."
Evidently, most people keep these thoughts in their head. Mine tend to spill out of my mouth.
Until  the past few years, no one knew I was still writing. I chose a teaching career and wrote only for myself. A series of events in my personal life and a thirty birthday led me to a grand revelation. If I was already 30, then someday, I was going to be 40 (!) . And that could not happen without me at least attempting to be published. So, after a long talk with my husband, I took a deep breathe and sent an email to my two closest friends with a  few chapters attached. To my complete astonishment, no one told me I was silly.

I am terrified of failing at this.

So, that's me. Let's hear about you? Did you talk to yourself? Are you working on your first book or do you have 32,405 (give or take a few) in a rubber maid tub in your attic? 
Anything you want to confess?
Come on. It's Tuesday. Tell Me Your Story.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let's talk about Sex

Thinking about Thursday
Let's Talk about Sex

Now that I have your attention, excuse me a moment while I make a private comment to my husband.
Honey, if you are reading this: you can go back to watching hockey, it isn't going to be what you hope!

For my writer friends, let's talk about sex. My apologies to all of you who now have a Salt and Peppa Song stuck in your head. Let's talk about sex, baby. Let's talk about you and me...

Anyway, I am  wondering if  writing about sex is not in my skill set. Don't get me wrong, I am far from prude and have no problem reading about it. 
But, when I start writing I can only come up with about three synonyms for moan and even less for particular body parts. Therefore, my scenes are less than...enthralling ( I was going to say climatic, but the pun felt too juvenile). 

As an aspiring romance writer, this is a problem!

To quote Roni Loren, whose erotic novel Exposure Therapy comes out in early 2012 :  
"The best way to learn to write sex is to read a heat level above what you're writing and
then when you get to your own book, what you're writing feels mild compared to the other stuff."

That is great advice and, as of now, finding a heat level about mine shouldn't be difficult.

One of my mother's comments about the first (and only) manuscript I let her read was, 
"There wasn't enough sex to make it a romance novel. You should add more." 

That was creepy in itself. I don't know which is worse, having a mother who would be embarrassed at how erotic your book is or having a mother who doesn't think it is erotic enough....(hmm, guess I will save that question for my next therapy session.)

Honestly, I am not worried about what people think about me writing sex scenes. I am worried about what people will think about me writing bad sex scenes.

Romantic suspense is my niche and there are successful authors who write without it. Wendy Lyn Watson 's mystery a-la-mode series, for example. Warning: The way Wendy describes ice cream is like reading about sex!

So, what do you think? 

Can a romance novel (or in my case, romantic suspense) that is not historical or inspirational be sexy, hot and most importantly, sell without explicit sex? 

What do you prefer in your reading/ writing?

Do more readers want to see the bedroom door swing shut and leave the rest to the imagination? Or  have the entire fantasy played out before them?  

As always, thank you so much for stopping by! I look forward to reading your comments.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dancing with Words

Tell Me Your Story Tuesday:
Dancing with Words

Featured Author:

 Linda Graves, 
author of the newly released  
Shimmying Faith.

Dancing with Words

First, a big thank you to Dawn for inviting me to share the story of my writing journey. Like many writers, I began at a very young age. In elementary school my stories were simple, usually about horses. As a city girl, it was my greatest desire at the time. However, life got in the way and writing fell by the wayside as other interests took over. My passions moved to include softball, choir, band and drama by middle school. Those love affairs continued until long after high school until another passion swept me into its grasp.

In college, I discovered Belly Dancing. Middle Eastern dance swallowed me whole. For thirty years it was the joy of my life. During that time I married and had a family. I love them dearly, but it was dance that moved my soul. I loved every aspect of dancing, the performing, the teaching, the costume design, the choreographing. Like choir, band and drama I loved the entertaining.

After a few years, I became co-director of Scheherezade’s Fantasies. For the next eighteen years, even finding enough free time to read a book seemed to be a near impossibility. When a few years ago we disbanded the troupe, I found I had tons of free time to fill. While chatting with my teenage daughter and one of her friends about boys, I started telling them the PG13 stories of the many zany dates/relationships I was involved in during my twenty-six single years. They convinced me to write them down, which turned out to be my first completed manuscript, Trying on Shoes.

I knew little of the art of writing, only the art of entertaining. Still, I was excited about the new form of entertainment that had presented itself. After attending a lecture by Candace Havens at a nearby library, I realized that romance was the direction I wanted to head. As much fun as my dating life had been, reality was who would be interested in my love life? So I decided to break up the ‘Boyfriend’ stories and weave them together to make some interesting, and of course totally “fictional” characters to grace my overactive imagination.

Over the years, dance has given me a gaggle of fun, rather unique experiences. When maneuvered around to protect the not so innocent, then combined with the boyfriend stories, I had plenty of fodder for tons of stories. Now that I had material, my next step was education.

I began taking on-line writing classes and non-credit college courses to improve my craft. After less than a year, I submitted my first completed manuscript Shimmying Faith to more than twenty publishers. I knew little about them, but ignorance is bliss. Several months after receiving multiple, “Interesting concept, but not what we’re looking for.” or the simple form rejections, I finally opened an email that said, “Congrats! We would like to offer you a contract.”

Needless to say, after ten or so minutes of jumping up and down and heart palpitations I settled down to read the email. Yes, they really wanted it! Even with the still much needed editing they wanted Shimmying Faith. Now, eight months from that most welcomed email, I am a published author with Whiskey Creek Press.

The classes, blogs and conventions are always there to help me hone my craft. I am somewhat A.D.D. so I have at least ten manuscripts in the works. My erotic Raqs Rory, is in the ‘submit’ process, my paranormal Jaguar’s Dance is in rewrite. I’m lovin’ my current venue to entertain. Now my favorite thing is to get my groove on, Dancing with Words!

Linda Graves

Check out SHIMMYING FAITH’s book trailer on YouTube

Linda, thank you so much for sharing your journey with us on Tell Me Your Story Tuesday.  

*If you are an author (published or still in waiting)  I would LOVE to feature your story.
  Email me at writerinwaiting (at) gmail (dot) com*


Friday, January 7, 2011

Guess Who's Coming to Visit?

I completely missed Thinking about Thursday this week. Wow, sometimes life can really just attack you without mercy!
Sorry about that.

Anyway, I am excited to announce that Tuesday my friend and now published author, Linda Graves, will be the very first guest blogger for Tell Me Your Story Tuesday!

Linda's book Shimmying Faith which combines romance and belly dancing is now available through Amazon as well as Whiskey Creek Press . Check out the book trailer here

Check back Tuesday to read Linda's journey to publication.

Until then you can find her at
Have a terrific weekend!

See you Tuesday!