Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Space

Thinking about Thursday

I have been reading Stephen King's
On Writing .

I found it fascinating he did most of his early writing in a laundry room in his family's trailer. He discusses later having an office and a great desk. The desk eventually becomes a symbol of his career's place in his life. my favorite section was when he talks about starting to write part of Misery in a hotel at desk used by Rudyard Kipling .

King says this about a writer's need for space:  

"You can read anywhere, almost, but when it comes to writing... most of us do our best in a place of our own." 

I have a desk. 
Isn't it pretty? The picture really doesn't do it justice. It is a beautiful desk with all kinds of little drawers and cubbies. I love it. 

I would love to show you the inside. I really would, but unfortunately, that would cause an avalanche of old paperwork, children's art work and a pile of pictures I never seem to get into an album. 

This is where I write. 
  The left side is mine. 
The right side belongs to this guy. 
 He gets up every time I do, so he was utterly confused by my attempts to get a picture of him in his spot on the couch.

So, that is my space. Tell me about yours. Do you have a beautiful desk, but write on a love seat? Are you in the laundry room of a double wide trailer? Do you have  a furry friend who keeps you company?  

Feel free to add a picture or two. You can post them on your own blog and give the link. We can do a blog-hop. I love seeing pictures of where other people work. 


Jessica R. Patch said...

I wrote most of my mss in a big cushy chair in my living room. But I now have a desk I refurbished in my corner of the bedroom. I love it! However, I do all my editing in bed. LOL

I'll have to post the pics on my blog. My dream is to have a library in our new house with built in shelves, a big desk with a comfy chair, and a chaise. :) We'll see...

I love that your dog keeps you company. My dog usually stands at the back door and stares to go out when I get writing good. She's nothing but an irritating distraction!!!!

Teri Anne Stanley said...

I cleared out a space in my bedroom, with a nice comfy chair and a little side table where I can put tea and candles and other nice writerly things, but I usually wind up sitting on my bed, on a pile of pillows and stuff. Not sharing a picture of that!

Dawn Alexander said...

Jessica~ I would love to see your picture! My dog is good company. He sleeps most of the time. Sometimes, he actually rests his head on my arm which makes the whole typing thing a little challenging. If he decides I have been working long enough, he will drop whatever slimy toy has been chewing on right in the middle of my keyboard. That is usually my cue to get up and move a bit.

Teri~ But I want to see where the magic happens! I mean, the writing, of course, not the other kind of magic.

Genevieve Wilson said...

I have a chair in a room no one goes into until I sit down to write. Then they all suddenly want to be in there.

Tressa Green said...

Great post! I posted a blog in response with a photo of my work area and my special buddy. :)

Dawn Alexander said...

Tressa~ Love your pictures. My furry friend would be very interested in your furry friend. I am sure yours loves to be chased, right? :)Because, as my dog seems to think, why else would they run if they didn't want to be chased?