Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lindsay Cummings

Tell Me Your Story Tuesday


Lindsay is a 20 year-old YA Science Fiction writer. I met her at DFWCon and can honestly tell you she is an amazing young woman. She is currently represented by Louise Fury.  

Lindsay is also hosting a huge giveaway for those who support the cause for Cancer research.  You can find out more information here.

Let's Get to Know Lindsay!

  What made you decide to write?  What did you do before becoming a writer? 
    Books! And of course, my dad has been a writer his whole life! He’s totally my hero, so ever since I was little, I’ve been writing like him. When I was diagnosed with Chronic FatigueSyndrome, writing became my escape from the world! I write because there are stories in my head that HAVE to be told! Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with all the novel ideas I have. It’s hard to pick just ONE story to write!

 Do you have a writing routine? What does it look like? Where do you usually write?
        I try to write every single day. Usually it involves me sprawled out on the couch with my laptop burning my thighs, while two wild German Shepherds sprint circles around me with their squeaky toys going “WHEEEE!” …yeah. It sounds soooo inspiring doesn’t it? =]

  Is the life of a writer what you thought it be? What is different?
             The life of a writer is about 50% solitary confinement in a place that has lots of peace and quiet, (when the dogs are outside) Starbucks peppermint hot chocolates, and lots of books spread out around me for inspiration. I LOVE the writing life. I do it full time and would never trade if for anything. It’s so fun to have a creative profession that will (hopefully someday) pay off. I always say it fulfills me to the utmost!

   Do you have any special time management tricks for working in writing time and living a normal life?

               I sort of got lucky. Having CFS meant leaving college and quitting my day job. Which, despite the exhaustion, totally rocks, I have to admit ;) because I get to write literally all day every day. My normal life has always been writing, so when I am sitting at home “hanging out with my characters” I’m actually focusing on my career! It’s a nice mental trick! (I do have real human friends and a sexy non-literary boyfriend. I swear.)

 What is the best advice you have received about this journey?
             My agent always says “Relax.” And she is so right. I SO need to work on that! If she’s reading this she is probably rolling her eyes thinking THANK YOU GOD SHE FINALLY UNDERSTANDS! Lol. Publishing is about patience. It is a lot of “hurry up and wait.” When you get stressed out, pick up a book, get some Dove chocolate, snuggle up on the couch, and breathe. Or you could always rent I Am Number Four and stare at the hotness of demi-god Alex Pettyfer. Yes. That is exactly what you should do. 
Just in case you needed visual aid
  What advice do you wish someone would have given you when you were starting out?
             Honestly…none! I have been so blessed with a wonderful community of writers and beta-readers who have helped me every step of the way! I have to credit writer’s conferences for being such a god-send. You guys…GO to writer’s conferences! You will meet amazing people who will be critical support for you in your writing journey!
     What do you do to fight burnout? Do you ever worry about "running out of stories"? How do combat that?
               Hmm…I honestly don’t believe in burnout! I believe if you are a writer, you should ALWAYS have stories to tell! Even if they suck. So far, I haven’t run out of ideas. I have a notebook full of little plot hooks that I am itching to work on. But I do have one suggestion: TAKE NAPS. Dream. You will be surprised what wild ideas will come to you when you are asleep. Also, sit in the shower and close your eyes. The stories will come.

    What kind of scenes do you have a hard time writing?
               Sappy, happy scenes. I am so not good at those! My books are about murders and blood and smoking guns! Not smiles and feather hair extensions and trips to Paris! =0

      Do you ever write material based on your close relationships, such as a best friend?How do you balance that material with the need to tell an interesting story?
               Haha. I love this question. I have a lot of characters that get completely messed up physically. I channel my ex-boyfriends, and inflict injuries on them in my novels. It sounds creepy because it is. But mean boys deserve things like that. ;)

     What sources do you use for inspiration? ( Music, movies, people watching)
               Rain! Snow! Cold weather! Also, Starbucks has the BEST writing music, and the coffee smell gets my writing brain going, so I love to go there a lot to write.

   What do you do when you aren’t writing?
Read. Blog. Take the wild Germans to the doggie park. Try to convince my boyfriend to man up and propose already. And dream about moving to Portland.

     Tell us a bit about your work in progress.
               Oooh. I don’t think I can. ;0 It’s too good to share, someone might steal it! I’ll give you a hint though: science fiction. Dark. Death. (are you scared yet? You should be!)
    What is next for you?
               Hopefully going on submission soon and, God willing, getting a book deal! He’s gotten me this far already, so I have faith that the deal will come!

 How can we find out more about you? Blogs? Facebook? Twitter?

                     Please stalk me! 
My twitter is


and I am constantly on there. 
It’s sort of a crutch. An awesome crutch.
                     Facebook Author Page
Thank you for stopping by, Lindsay!

So, what else do you want to know about her? 


Teri Anne Stanley said...

Ha! I love the idea of inflicting pain on old boyfriends...making them come back from that and be heroic might be a bit of a challenge, however!
When I was in college, I had a "pet" pirhana named Mad Max the Aquarium Warrior. My roommate and I would buy goldfish and name them after boys we were mad at. Very cathartic.

Rachel Brooks said...

It was great learning more about you, Lindsay. I knew you were awesome, but now I know you are SUPER awesome! ;)

Oh, and you are so right about the "hurry up and wait" game that comes with being a writer. Thank God for chocolate!

Lindsay Cummings author said...

thanks for stopping by ladies! always great to see support from the writing world! =]

Alix said...

Very happy I ended up here today! Was really interesting to read about you. I shall be keeping me feeds watching for you now. Thank you very much.

Bookish Brunette said...

I LOVE Lindsay! She rocks my face off! <3

Dawn Alexander said...

Lindsay is great. I have no doubt she has a bright future. I plan on saving this so I can prove I knew here "way back when" :).

Teri~ So wish I could have had a pet piranha!

Rachel, Alix and Bookish: Thank you so much for stopping by to support Lindsay!