Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Plot Swap~Double Life Style

Friday Plot Swap

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A good mystery always has a twist. A popular version of this is the character living the "double life".  The perfect wife and mother turns out to be a government spy.  The all-American husband turns out to be a psychotic killer. So, today, let's talk about the double life.
Here are some examples I have for you: 
So, swap with me! 
What is your favorite "double life" plot?
If you were going to lead a double life, what would your other life be?   


Lana said...

This is a GREAT idea Dawn! I wish I was feeling creative enough before my day job here to offer a plot to share. But if it comes to me later today, I'll pop back in. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else suggests. Also, I loved your interview on Keli Gwyn's blog. Love that you used to write "novels" bound with brads. You sound like me. Except I used wire notebooks.

Teri Anne Stanley said...

What about a mild mannered (okay, maybe occassionally obnoxious) soccer mom and science geek by day, with a secret life as a romance writer?
Yeah, that's fascinating. Okay. So maybe she gets sucked into some sort of thing where she gets stalked, and murdered, and her family doesn't even know that she's been writing and blogging and stuff, and then...

Dawn Alexander said...

Hi Lana! Thanks for stopping by! We do this every Friday so if you. Feel free to swap with us any time.

Teri~ Hmm, that story sounds familiar...well, not the stalking and dying part.

Jessica R. Patch said...

By day she works for a travel magazine, going all over the world, sleeping in the best hotels, relaxing at the most expensive spas, and eating incredible food.

By night she's an international jewel thief with a perfect alibi.

Because, I'd like to do both! lol

Dawn Alexander said...

Jessica~ Love it! That would be the life. Except, ya know, the whole getting caught and going to prison thing.

Regina Richards said...

By day she's a simple housewife, but after she puts the kids to bed and hands the husband the remote, she puts on her tennis shoes and walks the neighborhood with binoculars, a camera, and a whole arsenal of other equipment necessary to her profitable hobby - blackmail.

Dawn Alexander said...

Regina~ Ooh, I like it! Thanks for sharing.