Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Plot Swap~Jewelry Heist Style

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Did you get something pretty and sparkly for Valentine's day? After reading these, you might want to keep it locked up! 

The thieves broke into the sushi restaurant next door after hours; cut through the drywall between the two businesses; crawled along the floor inside the jewelry store, evading the infrared motion sensors; and then used a diamond saw blade to cut into the back of the two-ton safe.

 Armed robbers — some dressed in drag — made off with $102 million in loot from a lightning-fast jewelry store theft in central Paris, in what police Friday called one of France's costliest jewel heists.

  Jewelry thieves got away with all they could carry from a Casa Grande Jewelry store, but little did they know the jewels they took were all fake.

Swap with me! What could you make of these?


Jessica R. Patch said...

I have a jewelry thief in one of my novels, and I'll tell you, stealing jewelry isn't easy since they put "fingerprints" on them, but I read about one man, in my research, who literally walked into the stores and charmed the jewels from them. True case. I can't remember his name. You'll have to google it.

Can you imagine being charming and good-looking enough to pull THAT off? Fascinating stuff!

Teri Anne Stanley said...

Ack, I'm detecting a trend...I saw something on the news yesterday about how we should get our jewelry appraised, because gold and diamond prices have gone up so much that stuff probably isn't insured for enough.

Except that gum-ball machine ring is irreplaceable no matter how much it's insured for...