Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Plot Swap~ Animal Style

Friday Plot Swap
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Here is what I have for this week: 
I am thinking a cute meet scene with the owner of BCB and fresh-faced new reporter who is sent to report on the armadillo's prediction. 
Looking for a metaphor for a Valentine's Day disaster story?  What else says romance like skunks?
Just two weeks before Valentine's Day, hundreds of skunks have flooded Sacramento, Calif., in search of the perfect mate

And for my Romantic Suspense friends:
What if someone tried to "fix" Princess' prediction? Or even better, tried to kidnap Princess to keep her from making her predictions? 
So, Swap with me! Got any good animal stories? What would you make out of these? 



Tressa Green said...

Just read an article about the world's most expensive pigeon. Purchased for $328,000! That would pay off our mortgage and cover our daughter's university tuition for four years, plus cover two years worth of wages! o.o I can't even imagine. A pigeon.

Story idea... the pigeon is the distant relative of the hen that laid golden eggs; this small bird laid an egg of pure silver once a day.

Dawn Alexander said...

Wow, that is one expensive pigeon!
Love your idea about it.

Jessica R. Patch said...

What I want to know, is what if something sinister lies under the camel's humps and has something to do with these predictions.

LOL I have no clue what happened to me on Friday that I would miss plot swap and I can't get past Ross from Friends as the Holiday Armadillo! when I see that. :)