Thursday, October 13, 2011

Friday Plot Swap~ Mystery Style

Friday Plot Swap
Dawn's Plot Swap
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Have you seen a news story that got your wheels turning? 
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Here is what I have for you this Friday: 
Some old style mysteries. 


Additional link: Cynthia Anderson
So, swap with me! 
Got any old mysteries in your inspiration file? 
Have an theories on these?  


Jerrie Alexander said...

Well! I'm impressed with all three story lines. I wish I could share plots with you.

My critique partner has them lined up like soldiers, just waiting for her to do her magic. Me? It's one at a time, and after I finish a book, I go for days absolutely positive I'll never have another original idea!

Great blog, Dawn. I enjoy dropping by to see what you're doing!

Jessica R. Patch said...

Oh man, these get my writer juices flowing!! Especially the one about the kids missing.

I love mysteries, since I was old enough to watch Scooby Doo! I'm gonna have to read up on these. Great fodder here.

I read not too long ago about a missing college student about to be married. They finally found her in the wall of the lab at her college. The custodian was arrested for her murder, but isn't the custodian always the Patsy?

Teri Anne Stanley said...

Whoa, all of those sent a chill up my spine.

And the grad student who was murdered is a little too close for comfort...I work in a lab like that, and it was one of the lab animal technicians who killed her...I am always a little leery and verrrry verrrry nice when I go down to check on my mice!

Dawn Alexander said...

I remember following the storyline of the college student. So sad.

Yes, Teri, you need to be extra nice to those Animal lab people!