Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Plot Swap~ Family Style

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 If you aren't familiar with the site 
You should be. 

Visit it some time when you need a good laugh and have a few hours to kill. It's been a LONG week and I need to laugh tonight. So, I found these for you. 

What kind of plot can they make? Imagine the conversation leading up to the photo or after the photo. Imagine the photo being left as evidence in a mystery or hanging in someone's living room in a romantic comedy.

Swap with me! What would you make of these? What photos do you have floating around that would spark an interesting plot? Feel free to share a link if you are brave enough to post them on your own blog. 

Start by explaining this one.

What about this one?

I think they are hiding something! (Look in the lower right corner)



Teri Anne Stanley said...

What the heck IS that? Is it a dog? Grandpa?

I personally like the lobster family, though: Jennie always fell short of the mark. She tried to create her own versions of an Anne Geddes family portrait but wound up with the Incredible Mr. Limpet's family.

My own family portraits seem to be something you might find on People of Walmart dot com. I aspire to Awkward Family Photos.

Dawn Alexander said...

If you are asking about the one on the couch, it is their aunt (according to the comments on the site.)

Love your comment on the lobster family.

Jerrie Alexander said...

The pictures are too funny. Of course my mind when weird with the lobster family. They have to worry about how the world will treat their new baby when she looks nothing like everyone else. Ever see the movie Powder?

The rifle and the parrot? I can see him giving up the man and woman the minute the cops started questioning him. Doesn't look like he could keep a secert to me.

I have to admit there have been times I'd like to have put my brother under the couch pillows, so that looked pretty normal to me. :)

Jessica R. Patch said...

Bwhahahahaha! I'd have never saw the guy had you not pointed him out. LOL

Loving that bird and knife. What if the pet store owners were secretly smuggling diamonds inside the birds. But one was intercepted by a little boy at the park and he took it home to his family, a few days later the parents are slaughter by that gun/knife thingy and the little boy was The FBI diamond unit, who's been tracking these smuggled diamonds and the Hostage unit and the kidnapping unit have to work together to solve the mystery????

Goalie41 said...

You didn't post my favorite one! Well one of my favorites, it's hard to pick an absolute one.

... and I have lost an hour looking for the link lol. I have the picture saved to my HD though!

Dawn Alexander said...

Jerrie~ I think you're right. That parrot looks like a snitch to me!

Jessica~ Wow, great plot!

Goalie( Aka My husband): I am trying to encourage people to think of plots and return to the blog. Not running screaming, "My eyes! My eyes!"