Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Plot Swap~TFLN STYLE

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These are always fun. Here are some 
Depending on your genre, they could make some interesting dialogue.

Under what circumstance could one of your characters say this?

Have a great weekend! For those of you off on Monday for Labor Day, I hope it is a nice, relaxing weekend.

Be sure to stop by on Tuesday! I will be doing my first book review!


Jessica R. Patch said...

These are hilarious. I love reading goofy texts. Since I have a character who drives a Bentley and my MC works as a PR person at a casino and is rather wild, I could so use the last text as one of her lines. :)

Unknown said...

HA! My characters are PG13 and wouldn't be saying those things, but they are SOOOO funny! Thanks for sharing.

Jessica- I laughed the hardest at the stripper in the Bentley, if you can work that in - do it! :-)

Joanna Aislinn said...

Hi Dawn,

I like what you've got going on in this blog. Looking forward to making more stops here. And I am in definite need of plot ideas. Cool.

Dawn Alexander said...

Jessica~ That is great. Glad I could provide something for you :)

Candie~ glad you stopped by to laugh with us anyway:)

Joanna~ Great to hear you like. Please come by more often!