Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Plot Swap~ How Bizarre

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A little strangeness to brighten your plots today! 
First a little music to get you in the mood. 

One of the versions I read said the clerk didn't even know who Gumby was and described it as a "Big Green Spongebob." 

Bear Takes Family's Prius for Spin, Leaves It Wrecked 

How would you like to have to explain that one to your insurance company? Maybe a good start to a romantic comedy. 

Police in Ohio were working Saturday to determine who dumped more than 1,600 pairs of panties by the side of a road...

So many ways this one could go!

 So, swap with me! What's going on in your world (real or creative) that could fit into my file of "How Bizarre!"  



Jessica R. Patch said...

ROFL!! I'd say for the bear, "Well, officer, I was trying to do one of those cool insurance commercials, you know, the one with the guy who acts like Mayhem, well I called him, but he wouldn't answer, then I phoned the studios and his agent,but no go. So what choice did I have? I had to use real mayhem to make my insurance commercial. Yeah, it's a take off, but really, we offer so much better coverage. Here." I handed him my card. He didn't seem amused. "So, yah married? Dating?" I went ahead and held my hands out. One way or the other. I was getting cuffed. ;)

Teri Anne Stanley said...

As an Ohio-tucky resident (that is, I'm from Ohio and work here, but live in KY), I was pleased that the underwear incident did NOT occur in my neighborhood. Not that we don't have our share of weirdness.

I think we maybe need to start a Gumby Awareness campaign. A big green Spongebob? How demeaning to the Gumby and Pokey fans of the world!

When The Big Guy and I were dating, we went to New Orleans for a week and took Gumby with us and photographed him all over the place. Alas, the stupid garden gnome got all the good press. But we had Gumby, dammmit.

Dawn Alexander said...

Jessica and Teri~ You ladies always make me laugh.
Jessica~ I love your explanation for the bear. I am sure the police officers would totally believe that.

Teri~ Is that a SNL Eddie Murphy reference I see???