Thursday, August 11, 2011

What's on your list?

Thinking about Thursday
Last week on Facebook , I asked this question:
"If you were going to do something, just to prove to yourself you could, what would you do? Feel free to add why."
I got two responses: Run a Marathon and hike through the wilderness of Alaska. ( Thank you, Teri~ critique partner extraordinaire and Scott, my best friend's brother-in-law) 

That tells me either a.) the rest of you have no hopes and dreams or b.) you were ignoring me. I am going to go with A. You would never ignore me, right? 

In a few weeks, I will be reviewing this book: 

*My first book review! I am so excited!*

The first part of the book talks about Dreams. What do you wish you could accomplish. Kathi suggest writing down 50. I am having trouble coming up with more than 5.

Now, these are dreams, not goals. They don't have to be something attainable or even doable.  
Here is what I have come up with:

1. See a stranger reading my published book. ( That would  mean. Not only is it published, but someone actually paid for it!)
2. Go to Hawaii
3. Learn how to shoot a gun. (Yes, honey, I know this one makes you proud.)
4. Drive a car more than 100 mph (in a safe controlled environment~ not on I-35.)
5. Have a great relationship with my daughters even through their teens. (Yes, I know. DREAMS, remember? I said, DREAMS.)
So, what's on your list?
Not necessarily a "Bucket List". But more a "I-am-proving-I-can-do-this" list.


Teri Anne Stanley said...

I do this kind of stuff all the time...make lists of goals and stuff to motivate me. Then I put the list away and forget to work on it. But hey, maybe if I do it enough, something will stick!
1) finish a first draft, all the way from start to finish!
2) lose the weight I regained after losing it once before (I lost 115 lbs, regained 58, bleh...getting back down again, we'll see!). I want my picture to be in the "images" section when you Google "Yo Yo".
3) I don't really want to run a marathon, but maybe a 5K someday
4) get my whole yard weeded at once.
5) I kind of like the gun thing, too, but not the fast car one. No thanks!
6) ride on the back of a motorcycle. I have no desire to be in charge, just be someone's Bitch for a trip around the neighborhood.

Jessica R. Patch said...

Ok, first I have to say I literally spit my coffee back into the cup when I read #6 on Teri's answers. Hilarious!

1. I want to see a little tag on all my books letting readers know that a portion of their money is going to fund projects in India to help girls that are rescued from the sex slave industry. That's my biggie!

2. I want a summer home in Rhode Island, preferrably near the harbor.

3. I want to visit the rain forest, mostly fly over it and see beautiful waterfalls because to go in it is dangerous and bugs. I don't do bugs.

4. I'd like to play on the Big Brother reality show, and win.

5. I'd like to have toned arm muscles, but I know I have to work for it, so it'll probably never happen.

6. I want to be a dog person. I love the idea of having a big German Shepherd. My little snot nosed dog is an annoyance, well probably not, but I'm not a dog person. :)

That's just 6. I could go on and on! lol

Tressa Green said...

I don't follow you on FB, so didn't see your post. This is pretty fun and thought provoking.

1. Go on a cruise.

2. Own a convertible. Or even just take a ride around the block in one!

3. Spend a month in Japan.

4. Write that alternate biblical history/paranormal novel that's bouncing around in my head, but I'm freaking out about because of the research involved. XP

5. Get my speculative fiction novel finished and printed. It's been laying around for years now and only needs about 20k or so more words. -.-

6. Get my two boys raised without them being delinquents. "If only they would be more like their sister!" lol

etc., etc., etc. ^_^

Lindsay Cummings author said...

1- get my book pubbed
2- pass the "therapy dog" test in november
3- go to portland (which i am in october!)
4-get married
5- be on the NYT bestseller list!

Dawn Alexander said...

Teri~ LOVE your #6. You totally have to do that sometime.
Jessica~ I am with you on the bugs. There are plenty of beautiful places I want to see, from the safety of a moving vehicle.
Tressa~ Go on a cruise is one of my "maybes". I know of a photography (my other love) cruise to Alaska that I have always said I would like to go on. But I am not real excited about being that far from land.
Lindsay~ Love that you are doing "therapy dogs". I have a MC who was working with therapy dogs. We may need to chat sometime.