Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Plot Swap~Free for All

Friday Plot Swap

Dawn's Plot Swap
Have a plot? Leave one
Need a plot ? Take one

This lack of an organized Friday Plot Swap is brought to you by Dawn's day job. Unfortunately, Dawn's day job recently ate her. Please feel free to swap amongst yourselves until Dawn is able to claw and dig her way out of the belly of the beast.

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Thank you for your patience and have a great day.


Teri Anne Stanley said...

Hey, there's a plot: A teacher was eaten by her job, and transported to an alien planet where adolescents (think Children of the Corn) plot terrible things. An amazingly studly school resource officer (that's what we call school cops) rescues her...

Jessica R. Patch said...

Thanks for the links. I love reading plot swaps. Have a great weekend!

Dawn Alexander said...

Teri~great plot!
Jessica~ Glad you enjoy them.

Nigel Blackwell said...

Arrggggghhh! First attempts got trashed (I think, or this may appear twice!)

Ha, Dawn, plot swap sounds like a good idea.
Guy hands in suitcase with $1M (in $100 bills) into the police. If its not claimed in 6mo, its his. That night station is burnt down, but 6mo later police are still on the hook for a million and have to pay up. Old detective can't find arsonist and retires, his last case unsolved.
At the end the detective is sat on a beach drinking cocktails with the guy who handed in the suitcase full of fake $100 bils.

Dawn Alexander said...

Nigel~ I like it! Love the twist.