Thursday, May 26, 2011

spring break

Thinking about Thursday

I feel like I have been surrounded by bad news lately.

I've lived in three of the places effected by the recent tornadoes.

I have several people close to me whose lives are in turmoil and I can do nothing to help.

Summer is two weeks away. I should be ecstatic, but last summer began with two funerals, a near-fatal motorcycle accident and my dog passing away. I am little leery of what this one will bring!

So, tell me something good. What's up in your life that you are smiling about?

*This slightly less than uplifting post has been brought to you by exhaustion and a short trip into self-pity. Please return tomorrow for the Friday Plot Swap. I promise to be back to my normal, sunshine spreading self*


Paul Anthony Shortt said...

I'm still giddy that my first novel is coming out next year, and in 6 weeks I'll be a dad.

Dawn Alexander said...

Now that is something good! Congratulations, Paul!!!

Teri Anne Stanley said...

Thanks for today's earworm! Now, if I could figure out how to upload new stuff to my IPhone without deleting the old stuff, I could go all Chaka for the rest of the day. Maybe Pandora can help.

Anyway. What is good? Well, that which does not kill us makes us stronger, right? Okay, that's kind of a backhanded silver lining thing, I guess.

Ummmm...You know what, it's all good! And the sun will come out tomorrow (maybe literally, maybe just figuratively)...another day, another earworm!

Loree Huebner said...

Something good? Today is my hubby's Birthday!

Dawn Alexander said...

Teri~ It makes me smile to know you walked around with Chaka in your head all day! :)

Happy Birthday to Loree's Hubby!!!!