Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Name Dropping

Tell Me Your Story Tuesday

Name Dropping

The above picture is from the book signing I attended on Saturday. I think  going to signings should be my new hobby. 
They are fun and this one even had cake! 
These beautiful, talented ladies are members of my local RWA chapter, 
(You should check out the home page just for the picture of the cowboy!)  
So, let me introduce you to them! 
From left to right.

Nikki Duncan  was signing 
the second book in her 
Sensory Ops Series:

who was featured on 
in February, was signing her latest release

had several books available.
I went with one of her Blaze romances.

also had several available. 
Following Roni Loren's recommedation, I chose

As you can see, I am building my "To-Be-Read" list for the summer. Tell Me Your Story. 
Do you like book signings? Have any great stories about meeting fabulous authors? 
What are you reading? Know any new authors I should pick up while I am creating a small mountain beside my bed? 


Teri Anne Stanley said...

Well, I can always repeat the JR Ward signing story...If you aren't familiar, JR Ward writes KICK ASS vampires, but they aren't your daughter's sparkly vampires, nuh uh.

Anyway, the WARDen, as we groupies like to call her, came to Cincinnait a couple weeks ago to sign her newest book. It was the same day as my son's prom, and was sort of on the way to his date's house, so I made him go with me..."we'll just run in, get the book signed, then get you to Nikki's by four".

Ha! I got there, recieved line ticket #358 at 2p.m. The son was a nervous wreck...but fortunately, there was a very nice couple behind me in line who just happen to live very close to me, so they took my book while I took Sam to his girl's house, they got it signed, then brought it home to I didn't get to meet the Author, but I DID make some new friends, and get to put a couple points on the "Good Mom" score card...

Dawn Alexander said...

Teri~ Love that story. Too scared to read about non-sparkly vampires, though!