Monday, February 25, 2013

Makeover Monday~ The Garage

Makeover Monday

The Garage
(otherwise known as the Black Hole)

This is our garage.

My husband has spent hours in here. He's purged. He's rearranged. He's stacked, moved, shifted. 
And, it still ends up like this. 
After first glance, it isn't too terrible. 
But, look closer. 

Tools, camping equipment, lawn stuff and fishing poles all conveniently crammed into one area.

Sports equipment, more camping stuff and boxes of "I don't know what's in here and I don't want to go through it right now" all stored for easy-access in another area. There's actually a table under all that somewhere! 

My car could fit and you could get in on both sides, if you held your breath, turned parallel to the wall and inched like a crab. 

This is my stopping point. 
Some people have tennis balls, but we're a hockey family.

This weekend, Scott decided he'd had enough. 
We were organizing the mess and this time, it was going to stay that way. So, hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to Home Depot we go!

First, shelves!

No more playing, "Wonder what's in the corner?"

And, it made room to spread out the tools and lawn equipment.

So much better!

Plus,  you can walk in the door without fear of being attacked by the cleaning tools like something out of the Sorcerer's Apprentice! 



It isn't perfect.  Scott won't let me label his shelves or tubs. *Pouting*
But, it makes me smile when I don't have "suck it in" to get into the car. 

So, what'd you do this weekend? 


Teri Anne Stanley said...

Me, I just added to the mess in the garage. My official explanation is that there's no point in cleaning it out until the laundry room guy is done, but...

Unknown said...

Wow! Impressive. I don't think you could actually walk through my side of the garage. My husband's side - neat as a pin.

Goalie41 said...

I wouldn't let her label the tubs because ALL of them have hunting stuff in it... so they would all say the same thing - 'HUNTING STUFF'.