Thursday, August 2, 2012

Workshop Hangover

Thinking about Thursday

Look, it's Nora Roberts! And, she's standing with ME! 
This time last week, I was sitting in my first RWA NATIONALS workshop.
It was an absolutely exhausting, fantastic trip. 
I came home with my brain so full I haven't been able to even open my WIP.
Don't think that was the intended result. 

Other than the general physical exhaustion, which  I have finally recovered from, I think I have a "Workshop hangover". 

RWA was my 3rd writing conference this year. So, I've had this feeling before. I should be completely pumped, motivated, cranking out words so fast you can't see my fingers moving on the keyboard. 

Instead, I couldn't even write my blog post on Tuesday and haven't managed more than a few emails this whole week. 

Why? Because the sheer sense of responsibility to create a quality product is overwhelming. 

After all I've learned this year, I feel like I've been to OZ and seen the man behind the curtain. He's short, ugly and looks alot like my internal editor, Boris.
 I know people are going to tell me,
 "Just write. Just get the words on the paper."

But, I'm past that. I am in my fourth round of revisions.  
And, because of what I learned last week, facing down a HUGE rewrite. 

Please, don't read this as whining.

I will do it. 
I have 11 days before my real life pounces, again. 

I plan to make good use of that time, but I'm still... oh, I don't know... 
Paralyzed with fear? 

Am I the only one? Do you come back from conferences all afire and ready to go? Or does the knowledge it isn't just about "getting the story on paper" give you a moment's pause? 


Jen FitzGerald said...

It's going to be all right Dawn. :)

To some extent, it is about getting the words on paper because you can't improve what you haven't written.

It's hard to write after learning so much because it's whirling about in your brain, so let it settle. Take what resonates and works with your writing style and forget the rest.

Take a breath and refresh your muse with TV, movies, books, and music. Then come back to the writing.

Teri Anne Stanley said...

I had this experience after I went to the Museum of the American Quilter...I couldn't pick up a needle and thread for weeks. There is just NO WAY I am ever going to be able to make anything that beautiful.

But I got over it, and I made some quilts that pleased me, and even sold a few.

Before I got side tracked and decided to give writing a I'm hoping that this is the same thing. Just take a deep breath and dive back in!

Marsha said...

Dawn, sit down at the computer and punch the keys. It doesn't matter if it's garbage. Punch the keys. Eventually, it won't be so much garbage. Punch the keys.
(Okay, I think I used one of Margie Lawson's rhetorical devices, but can't remember it's name. LOL) You want something to freeze your fingers? Study her packets. But to get the most from her you have to punch the keys. And so I have, and so will you.
We have to go the the mountain top for the inspiration, but then we live in the real world, and we punch the keys.
Wow, girl that's you standing with Nora! Get busy. Punch the keys.

Jerrie Alexander said...

You've received some good advice. All that's left is for me to say get your butt in gear woman.

Or will be fine.

Dawn Alexander said...

Thanks, ladies! Y'all are awesome. I'm going to make myself open it today and at least stare at it for an hour today. :)

Molly Cannon said...

What a great picture, Dawn! I love it!