Thursday, March 22, 2012

Friday Plot Swap~ Weirdness

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Here is what I have for you this week. 
Just general weirdness.

AMERICAN narcotics agents have intercepted two parcels of marijuana valued at $70,000 en route to one of the nation's biggest publishers, St Martin's Press
I bet if they dug to the bottom they would find a query letter and manuscript. Just a hopeful author trying to stand out in the slush pile. 
This gives new meaning to "things that go bump in the night". 
A Malaysian shoe store has launched a promotion that is too bizarre to make up: "Get a pair of shoes from Shoes Shoes Shoes and get a free man."

There are just so many ways this one could go. It is actually an online dating site...kind of. 

So, swap with me! What kind of weirdness is going on in your world these days? 
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Teri Anne Stanley said... you have to go all the way to Malaysia to get the man, or will they ship him internationally?

Jessica R. Patch said...

I read that about St. Martin's. What the what?! Nuts.

I'm digging the free man. Usually it's a chick. I love this one!