Friday, January 27, 2012

Wildlife, Drugs and Shoes Full of Money

Friday Plot Swap

Dawn's Plot Swap

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It's Friday!
Let's do some plot swapping! 
Here is what I have for you this week: 
Need a quick-thinking, feisty older character? 
By the way, she is five foot tall and less than 100 lbs!
Need an honest, good Samaritan?  

How about an "accidental" drug trafficker? 
So, swap with me! What would you make of these? Heard any good stories this week?



serenabellbooks said...

On a similar note to the accidental coke trafficker, someone mentioned to me recently that if you're a teen and forward a sexual pic of a friend, you're in possession of child porn. Makes sense. Could be part of a YA book?

Dawn Alexander said...

Serena~ Wow, I never thought about it that way. That could definitely be worked into a YA. Either as a accident or as an intentional way to blackmail someone.

alabamagoddess said...

Hi Dawn,

I'm new here. Saw the plot swap tweeted on MyWana. This is great.

I received a forwarded email this week which mentioned ways to get back at bulk snail mailers which come with postage paid return envelopes (from an Andy Rooney 60 minutes piece). It said to return the envelope empty, toss in your junk mail and return it, or even selectively advertise by sending an ad from your local pizza joint to citibank, etc. And to keep it anonymous by not including return info.