Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Who are you?

Tell Me Your Story Tuesday

I ran this in May, but several followers have added since then and I've made some great new friends.
So, I wanted to ask again:
Who are you? 
Alice meets the Caterpillar

For Tell Me Your Story Tuesday, 
I am asking you to do just that.
Tell Me Your Story
Who are you?

If you need 
inspiration, you can click on the caption above and view 
the whole scene of 
Alice meeting the Caterpillar,
who is quite possibly indulging in a mind altering substance
while he demands to know, 
"Who are you?"

So, let's get to know you!
What's your name? Where ya from? What do you write? What do you read? Have any other special talents?
Anything else you would like to share!


Laura Josephsen said...

My name is exactly what it says on my blogger here. I've lived in Ohio for the past three and a half years. Before that, I lived in Nashville, Tennessee for about thirteen years, and before THAT I lived in upstate New York out in cow country. (It was quite a change to go from little tiny farm town to busy city!)

I primarily write fantasy (different types) and occasionally a contemporary fiction. I read all sorts of things, though generally not horror and not erotica. (Just not my cup of tea.) I write YA fiction and that's generally what I read.

Ooh, I see you did NaNoWriMo last year! (Just noticed it on your sidebar.) I've participated in NaNo the past three years. It's always such an adventure, isn't it?

Teri Anne Stanley said...

Hi, My name is Teri, and I am from Ohio and I live in Kentucky. I am 36, 24, 36 (give or take a few. Okay, give quite a few) and my turn ons include long walks in the woods and baby ducks. My turn offs include mean people and traffic.

Oh. You didn't want my Playmate bio?

I write romance, hopefully suspenseful, sexy romance with a sense of humor, the same kind of stuff I like to read.

I used to be able to ride a unicycle, I have a varsity letter in football (I was a trainer). I make posing suits for female body builders and I know how to spin wool into yarn. I'm a science geek by day, romance heroine by night.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Jessica R. Patch said...

My writer name is Jessica R. Patch, but my friends call me Jesse, or Jess. I write inspirational romantic suspense. I like books with lots of fun and flirting, romance and stacks of dead bodies. So that's what I write with threads of hope laced into plots. When I'm not writing, crashing into cop cars (literally) or getting stuck on top of my fridge, which only happened once, I like going to movies with my husband of 16 years, embarassing the mess out of my tween daughter, and riling my six year old son up for laughs. :)

Loree Huebner said...

My name is Loree Huebner. I live in Indiana.

I write historical fiction and inspirational historical romance, along with history articles.

I'm a wife, mom, and child of God. I'm also a Civil War re-enactor.

Dawn Alexander said...

Wow! Y'all are some interesting people!

Laura~ Yes, I am a NaNo junkie. I even have a t-shirt. My husband seems to think that qualifies me as a certified dork. I really don't care. :)

Teri~ Um, thanks for sharing your "stats" but, I think you were on the wrong blog for a moment! As I have said before, I think you have a rather odd life. :) Would love to see pictures of the unicycle trick.

Jessica~ Sounds like you have plenty of stories to tell. How exactly does one manage to get stuck on top of a fridge? Just curious.

Loree~ I love how you mention all this stuff and throw in "oh, by the way, I'm also a civil war re-enactor." Because, you know, who isn't these days? That sounds really cool!

Scooter Carlyle said...

I'm Scooter Carlyle, if you couldn't already tell. I write contemporary fantasy set in Montana. (Definitely not weird western, though.) I grew up reading high fantasy on our isolated ranch in eastern Montana.

I have an identical mirror-image twin, which means our distinctive features are on opposite sides. Even a few of her internal organs are flip-flopped. Speaking of family, my mom has giantism and used to bounce in a bar until a few years ago. My dad is a range reasearcher well-known in range management circles.

My hubby and I are music teachers at a small Montana school, and my son is a ball of adorable awesomeness. I play the Sunday services at our church, and my hubby plays in a rock band with a bunch of doctors.

Dawn Alexander said...

Scooter~ you have quite an interesting family!

Anonymous said...

My name is Christine. I write YA fantasy books with my husband, and I also write steamy Steampunk paranormal romance under O. M. Grey (

I love to promote and assist other writers as they struggle through this industry.

I have three dogs and a cat, no kids. I'm married to an amazing man who takes good care of all of us. We're both vegetarian and veteran burners. We do a lot of fantasy conventions, Renaissance Fairs, and Celtic festivals to promote our books, and we sometimes travel around in the Geekalicious Gypsy Caravan.

Also, I just released a book called Publishing & Marketing Realities for the Emerging Author. It's free for a limited time on my site.

Tressa Green said...

I'm Tressa Green, a wife of 21 years/mom of three (ages 19, 13, 12)/full time writer. Born, raised and resident Hoosier.

I worked as a DJ for six years at a local AC radio station before giving it up to stay at home with the babies. At that time, I was also a "professional" graphite artist; I won a few ribbons, did loads of commissions and gave quite a lot of time to the art association. When we moved, art took a backseat to writing.

I got hooked on writing at age 13 when a short story I wrote for class got put in a school publication. I still haven't quite figured out what it is exactly that I write; I usually say "character pieces" or "literary fiction", which means, of course, the focus isn't so much on plot but character development. >.< I have a keen interest in the human condition... themes of which range from dark and ugly to a bit whimsical. I've also been known to write the occasional homoerotic short story.

I used to read high fantasy as a kid but got burnt out as an adult. Now I usually read sci-fi, homoerotic romance and the occasional murder mystery. I collect precious/semi-precious gemstones, coffee mugs, artisan perfume oils and most of the kids' artwork displayed on the living room walls.

That's it in a teeny nutshell. :)

Dawn Alexander said...

Yay! Tressa got to post! So glad it finally worked for you. Sounds like your writing would be the opposite of mine. Mine is always so plot focused my characters don't get as much attention as they need.

Christine~ I am not familiar with the term Veteran Burner. What is that? Where you at Scarbourgh Faire this year?