Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Plot Swap~ Holiday Style

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If you saw my post yesterday, you know I am trying to get into the Holiday mood. So, what better way than with a Holiday Style plot swap?
I am sucker for a sweet, Christmas miracle, story. Yeah,  that would be none of these. :)
There will be no plot swap next Friday as I will be out of town to have Christmas with my in-laws. This plot swap should be a reminder that our families aren't that bad... unless you happen to be related to one of these people!
This one was my favorite: 

This one sounded very similar to something one of my "genius" family members did when we were younger.

Two men in their late 20s stole DVDs and computer games from a Target store Tuesday and discussed their plans to fence the goods while driving away.
Investigators say the duo didn't realize one of them had accidentally pocket-dialed 911. A dispatcher listened in for nearly an hour as they discussed what they had stolen and where they might sell it. Police say they even described their vehicle.

And I am sure these sweet people are just trying to spread some holiday cheer...or something. 

Police in Houston were investigating Tuesday after an online ad promised extra time with an escort for customers who brought a toy for charity.
KTRK-TV reported that the ad, which offers a "Santa's little helper/Toys for Tots special," says customers who pay for an hour with the escort and bring an unwrapped toy for the US Marines' "Toys for Tots" charity for underprivileged children will get a second hour free.
This one particularly cracked me up because it used the word Besmirched
which is just a weird word for the situation.

So, swap with me!
Got any good holiday stories to share? 



Jessica R. Patch said...

As I was reading the light saber one, my stomach knotted and I had the sudden urge mixed with nausea to call my mom. That could be my brother!!! No really, it could.

Teri Anne Stanley said...

Okay, my filthy mind takes that last story and wants to get a little "extra time" with the marines collecting the toys. Ahem.

Dawn Alexander said...

Wow, Jess. Hope I didn't just out one of your family members!

Teri- I totally expected someone to take it in that direction! :)

Kaige said...

Love this idea!

One of my most memorable holiday memories was from Thanksgiving Day, not Christmas. We were all sitting on my grandmother's sun porch in a well-to-do neighborhood, when we saw the lights and the ambulances down the street. While the husband had gone out for a run, the wife turned on her mother-in-law and sister-in-law with the carving knife. My grandmother quipped, "Guess she'd had enough of their complaints."