Sunday, January 27, 2013

Makeover Monday~ Laundry Room

Makeover Monday

A little background for today's post. 
We have been in this house five years. For the 25 years before that I lived in houses I knew I would be moving from. The houses I remember growing up were rent houses. My parents bought a house after I went to college, but I never officially lived there. 

My husband and I moved from a townhouse to a rent house to a starter house to a rented trailer (yeah, I post pictures of that place some day. Nothing like original 1982 wallpaper to make you appreciate how far you've come.) to here. 

So, even though we've been here a while, it took me some time to get used to the idea that I could do whatever I wanted to this house. 
Before my houses were all about function.
Did it work? Fine, no need to make it pretty. 
It's not going to stay mine anyway. 

When I started researching how I wanted to organize the laundry room, I found all these pictures of people who I thought had been sniffing too much Tide.
It's a LAUNDRY room. You have framed pictures of your kids on the shelves with a decorative glass jar to house your soap? REALLY? 
How deeply do you inhale when you're pouring in that Clorox? 

So, I did this. 

(Sorry for the crooked picture. We really don't live in a house built by Dr. Seuss.)

Nice. Clean. Functional. What more does it need? 


The laundry room is right off the kitchen. 
The door is never closed. 
I go into this room several times a day.
I walk by it even more times a day.
I can even see into it from where I sit on the couch. 

It was still bugging me. 

So, I made a decision. 

It is my house. 
My laundry room.
And, I'm going to make it pretty. 

I may have gone slightly nuts. 

Or at least, that's probably what my husband was thinking to himself as he install the new shelving.  He was kind enough not to mutter it under his breath or anything. 

I even hung a picture! 
It says "The stars at night are big and bright..."

(Those of you from Texas just clapped in your heads, I know you did.)



You don't think I've been sniffing the stain remover too much, do you? 


Unknown said...

Looks awesome! I'll be moving soon, and I'm taking notes from all your posts so I can (hopefully) get organized.

Dawn Alexander said...

Lara, you just made my day! Never in my life would I imagine someone saying they were taking notes from me on getting organized! :)

Teri Anne Stanley said...

Nice! We're getting ready to re-do our laundry room. I have no idea if my vision corresponds to the contractor guy (we've been in our house 14 years. it's going to take more than a couple of shelves and pretty baskets), but ANYTHING is going to be better than "Separation Anxiety Dog Lodging", which is how it looks now, if you can imagine. I may post photos, be grateful I can't post smells.

Jessica R. Patch said...

Oh. Wow. Like. Wow! Great job!

And I don't know that song. ;)

Anonymous said...

Your room looks GREAT Dawn! Creativity at work!