Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Plot Swap~People are crazy.

Friday Plot Swap

Dawn's Plot Swap

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First, a little music to inspire you today. 

The song would make a pretty good plot itself. But, 

today's swap is inspired by the chorus: 

God is great.

Beer is good.

And, people are crazy. 

Let's start with Mars, shall we? 

Definitely want to read the fine print on this one!

So many places this story could go!

Then, we can move on to stupid crazy.

Serial Bank Robber's Love Letter Helped Convict Him

This guy's escape and crime spree could be a novel in itself. Guess he thought so, too. He wrote out every detail and sent it to a (hopefully, former) girlfriend. 

My favorite part is that at the very end of the letter, he asks her to send him $100. Run, sweetie. Run now! 

This just screams "creepy, stalker suspense!" What if the girl didn't even know him? Or if he is a long ago ex-boyfriend? Or, if all of it was a distraction so a different crime could happen? 

We'll end our swapping journey with just crazy, crazy. 

Man arrested for barking at police dog

The headline is slightly misleading. The man was already handcuffed and in the back of a cruiser when they brought a drug dog to search his car. Clearly, the man responded in the best manner possible barking and growling at the dog. 

I'm sure the officers loved that! 

Swap with me!
What kind of craziness is going on in your plot? 
Or your world? 


Jessica R. Patch said...

Can I just say thank you. Thank you for bringing back Friday plot swap!

I'm totally cracking up at the corn dog who asked a girlfriend for money and plotted his robbery. What a tool! lol

Teri Anne Stanley said...

Yay, Here you are again!

I got bit by a dog I barked at once. I stopped barking at strange dogs, FYI.

I keep thinking that the Trolls living under my basement stairs would make a good YA story...but the jury is out on whether that one's going to have a happy ending or not!

Jerrie Alexander said...

How about the guy who won the lottery. He picked up his 450K dollar check, when home and ate the fabulous dinner his wife made him and was dead by morning! He woke in the middle of the night screaming, called 911 but died after they got him to the hospital. Was this a case of poor planning by the wife? Or is she the innocent fall-guy(okay, fall-woman)for someone else??

Jerrie Alexander said...

Sorry...should proof read bfore sending...he WENT home.

Dawn Alexander said...

It's great to be back, ladies!
Thanks for the comments.
Jess- I laughed so hard when I saw the comment about $100. I thought what if it's all a code and the $100 gives some kind of special message. Sadly, I think it's all "I'm a total loser, but I love you so you should send me money."

TAS~ I liked the guy barking at the dog the best. HELLO, they are checking your car for drugs! Why don't you act a little more suspicious?

Jerrie~ I SAW THAT! I should have used it.