Thursday, January 24, 2013

Friday Plot Swap: Primitive Style

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The man decided he wanted to make his home under the boulder when he was 8 years old. He saved his money, bought the land and has lived there with his wife for 30 years, raising seven children.  What would their life be like? What if one of their children was accepted into a prestigious school and left home? What kind of culture shock would he/she experience?  

A Harvard professor says that by injecting Stone Age genes into a human embryo — and then implanting the embryo into a human surrogate mother — it will soon be possible to create a living Neanderthal.

In the past few days, the scientist has come out saying he isn't actively searching for a woman for this experiment. But, the science fiction implications of that kind of procedure are endless. What if the baby disproved everything we know about primitive man? What if the woman was meant only to be a surrogate and give up the baby to some scientific organization, but decides she can't. Then, takes the baby and runs? 

This is my favorite this week. Scotch, bottled in 1898 and left behind during a failed expedition in 1907 was found perfectly preserved in frozen crates during 2010. After extracting a sample to be used to recreate the formula, the bottles are being returned to where they were found as a tribute to the explorers.  
Stories, stories everywhere!
The story of the expedition. 
The story of finding the bottles
The story of the team recreating the formula.
What if someone wanted to steal it? 
The story of the team returning the bottles.

So many different plots! LOVE IT!

So, swap with me!
Read any good plots lately? 
Have any abandoned plots you want to drop off for adoption?
We accept all kinds. 

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