Monday, January 14, 2013

Makeover Monday~ The Girls' Bathroom

Makeover Monday

Makeover Monday
My Daughters' Bathroom

I've decided to add an extra feature to the blog this year.

Welcome to my first 
Makeover Monday!

 I am not, by nature, an organized person. 
Decorating and being crafty are so not in my skill set,
 but I've made a commitment to start making our house more 
"my style" and less "it-was-on-clearance" style.

This began when I decided to clean out my closet to avoid working on revisions for my current WIP. 
You can read about the closet makeover and my ensuing injury here

Now, that my revisions are finished and I'm out of my writing slump, I'm ready to share some other projects. 
Besides, we all love BEFORE and AFTER pictures, right? 

This is also our guest bath.  
The monkeys were cute. They were also on sale. No one in the family has a deep affection for monkeys, though I have had the two stuffed ones on the toilet since I was a little girl. 

This gives you a little more of the full effect of the shower curtain and a view of my oldest daughter's preschool artwork. Um, yeah, she's in 5th grade now. Time for a change. 

But, first, you must feast your eyes on the  wondrous organization I had going on under the sink. 
Everything you need in one big, tangled pile. 

The bathroom is a peanut butter color and I would really love to paint it a soft purple or celery green. Except that I hate painting. So, peanut butter it will stay. Maybe I'll attack that on Spring Break. 

First, we needed a cool new shower curtain. 

and a place to put the towels

The monkeys were replaced by a basket of wash clothes and 
family picture on the wall instead of the giraffe. 

*Side note*
The picture frame hung in my classroom last year. I just stuck it up there because the color matched. 
The day after I redecorated, a family friend came out  and announced,
 "I found myself in your bathroom!"
For a moment I was afraid he'd had some sort of spiritual awakening in there!
Then, he explained he was in the background of one of the pictures. 
The frame may not stay. I can't decide if it's weird to have eyes on you while you do your business or not. 

I got the pink and blue tubs at the Target $1 spot. They made me stupidly happy. The purple container above is suctioned to the mirror. Each girl has one to hold their toothbrush, toothpaste and a small cup. 

And, last, my favorite part....


These are from the container store and I will freely admit I stole this idea from 

So, that's the first makeover. 
I've already done a few more spaces. For every week I keep what I've already done organized, I'm rewarding myself with buying something for the next space I plan to work on. Some of the projects are small, some are entire rooms... We'll see how that works out. 

What do you think?
Would you like to see the other spaces? 
Are you as intrigued by before and after pictures as I am? 

Have you done any organizing/redecorating? 
I'd love to see it!


Unknown said...

Looks great! I love the shower curtain, and I'm totally jealous of your under the sink organization.

More please! [g]

Jessica R. Patch said...

I love before/after shots! You did a great job. My kids' bathroom needs a makeover. In a bad way.

Dawn Alexander said...

Lara~ I got the shower curtain at Garden Ridge for $4! It came with the hooks and everything. :)

Jess~ Glad you like it!

Teri Anne Stanley said...

It's safe to say that "I got it on Clearance" IS my style, so when I post my powder room/laundry room makeover pics in a few months, you might not be able to see much difference...except, I'm hoping Frank the Fix it Guy can repair the hole that the Hell Hound dug in the wall. And where the vinyl floor is torn up. Okay, maybe you'll be able to tell.

But will you please come organize under my sink?

Jerrie Alexander said...

Dawn! Great job. Love the colors and storage bins.

I wouldn't dare post a picture of our guest bathroom cabinet. Shoot, I don't dare open it. When our granddaughter visits, she uses it to store her experiments. We expect something green and slimy to crawl out any day.

Marsha said...

Dawn, I'm seriously impressed with the under the sink area. I have a few containers, but there's something wrong with my system. Things keep spilling out! Gotta say, I'm not sure about the color of the picture frame (which I love). Maybe I don't have a good enough look at the shower curtain. I think your plan is excellent. Keep sending the before and after pics. That's why I'm glued to HGTV. :)

Dawn Alexander said...

Sure, Terri. I'll drive right over and take care of your sink for you. :)
Do you have a container store nearby?'cause we kind of need one and maybe dinner and some Timothy Olyphant...what were we planning again?

Jerrie~ You're comment cracked me up. A piece of black fuzz landed on my arm while I was dragging everything out, I almost beat myself unconscious trying to get a way from it.

Marsha~ Thanks for the compliments! I'm still debating on the frame.

Everyone seemed to enjoy it so I guess I'll show a different space next Monday.

Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Bathroom makeovers are really exciting! Organizing your stuff really helped a lot in your bathroom makeover. By the way, I like the atmosphere in your bathroom. It's lively and happy. It must be because of the colors!

-Yancey Company