Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Where's Dawn?

Tell Me Your Story Tuesday


Please excuse Dawn's absence from this blog for the past week. She was being attacked by her own life. 

So, I had big plans of putting out a great blog on DFWCon complete with pictures and a grand synopsis of the event. It was a fantastic weekend. I met all sorts of terrific people, learned more than my brain could hold, came home utterly inspired. Then, reality got its revenge. 

It all started with tennis shoes.

My oldest daughter left her only pair of school-approved shoes at her grandparents' house...over 30 miles away. 
Of course, we did not realize this until Monday morning exactly 3 minutes before she is supposed to be walking out the door for school. Insert full-blown hysterical meltdown (on her part, not mine) here. A frantic trip to Target, another meltdown over the idea of being tardy and, finally, Dad let her just stay home for the day. Even as a teacher, I fully support that decision because sometimes you just need a "mental health day". Evidently, she did. 

The week pretty much went down hill from there.
No big, catastrophic event that devastates your soul. Just the little stresses and irritations that eat at it slowly and wear away your resolve.  

Basically wearing this, without the weapon. 

  • A killer migraine that put me in bed at 6:15
  • Got the younger daughter's field trip day wrong. She had to buy her sack lunch from the school and went to the park wearing all black (long sleeve shirt, short sleeve shirt over it and long black pants. At least they let her take off the long sleeve shirt.) Did I mention we live in Texas? It is already hitting 90 here. Yes, I am "Mother of the Year", why do you ask? 
  • Another whirlwind trip to buy shoes for the other daughter's dance recital. 

There's more. Much, much more. But, you get the idea.

So, how was your week?

If you do want to check out my pictures from DFWCon, you can click on the Facebook link on the right. I managed to get them up on my page.


Jen FitzGerald said...

Oh dear...

I've had those weeks and they are not fun. You need a week of mental health days just to recuperate.

Teri Anne Stanley said...

My kids just trust that I'll put a couple more bucks in the therapy fund during these kinds of weeks. Hang in there! This week may or may not be better, but it will be shorter, for sure.

Marsha said...

I hope this is your last week of school. If so, you can at least see some let up. Every Mom has gone through these times, Dawn. Apparently,with the birth of a baby, we become full of this thing called "GUILT." It convinces us that nothing we do is good, and we are surely ruining our child/ren. The sad thing is even after they're grown and have turned out splendidly, guilt can still raise it's ugly head. Learn now to slash it back. You do the best you can at any one time, given the info you have. That's all you can do. Sure they'll be some goofs. We're human. Figure its the kind of thing that helps build character in the kids. Something they really need to learn to handle the punches we get in life. Now cut yourself some slack there, Dawn. Your kids will be fine. And you're a good mom. :)

Dawn Alexander said...

Thanks so much for the support, Ladies.
Marsha, your post brought tears to my eyes.
I am glad to know I am not alone!