Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Plot Swap~ Unexplained Death Style

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As a mystery writer, I found all of these irresistible this week. My brain (which should be editing) is coming up with so many new, shiny ideas.
What could you do with them? 

A man with $180,000 in a bag, a history of bank robberies and mafia connections stepped off a train in NYC and died. How many different ways could that go? There is even a quote from his straight-laced, embarrassed son. Hello, wounded hero with shadowy heritage!

And, my personal favorite: 

British spy found dead in sports bag was 'probably killed unlawfully,' coroner says

DUH! The man was found in a duffle bag with a padlock on it! Think he was playing Houdini? Of course, the added information that several thousand dollars of women's clothing was also in his apartment adds a nice little twist.

So, swap with me! What could you do with these? What's been floating around in your imaginary world lately?


Jessica R. Patch said...

As always this is full of awesomeness!

Maybe straight laced wounded hero falls in love with woman who's dad was murdered. Maybe the money in the bag was from the hit. That's right, how can these two be together when his daddy killed hers! :)

And the spy in the bag? Was he chopped up or just real bendy? LOL

Dawn Alexander said...

Jess, I love what you do with these! I hadn't thought of his daddy killed hers. I was going with he worked hard to overcome his father's legacy, but now is brought into the mess by the people who his dad was supposed to be paying.

From what I gathered in the article, the spy was just bendy. They haven't determined an actual cause of death. So that gave me the impression he was in one piece.

Teri Anne Stanley said...

Was he just at the luggage carousel waiting to be picked up, or what?

Interesting...and I wonder if the expensive women's clothes were in his size...

Clover Autrey said...

Ha! That's great.