Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hidden Messages, Lost Diamonds and a Puggle Battle

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A veteran Venezuelan crossword-writer has been accused of hiding a coded message to assassinate President Hugo Chavez's brother in the latest surreal twist to election year politics in the South American nation.

I used to do the New York Times crossword everyday with a friend. Never found any clues like that!

 Police are eagerly awaiting the return of a $20,000 diamond allegedly stolen and then swallowed by a thief at an Ontario jewelry store five days ago. 

I know... I know... I couldn't resist.

 A New York City man says his cross-country legal battle for custody of his little dog Knuckles is making him broke, but he is not going to roll over.

 In papers filed earlier this year in Manhattan Supreme Court, Dershowitz said ex-girlfriend Sarah Brega "took unilateral control of Knuckles and kidnapped him" after they broke up -- spiriting the dog away to California.

So many ways this one could go! The man, the ex-girlfriend, the attorneys dealing with this.

And one more, just to make you say, "Huh?"

  A federal judge has put an unusual condition on the bonded release of a Richmond man awaiting trial in connection with an undercover weapons sting by federal agents: Read more books.

The court ordered that, while out of custody, Otis Mobley must "read for at least one hour every day, and must write reports on those books for at least 30 minutes every day,"

I am all for reading, but this guy was "looking to sell an illegal grenade launcher"!

Swap with me! I will be popping in and out over the weekend. I would love to hear what you could do with these!


Jessica R. Patch said...

I ain't putting than ring on my finger! LOL

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting collection of real-life incidents. News stories can certainly give us intriguing prompts we can use in our writing!
I've only just found your blog today, but I think I'll be checking it frequently.