Friday, June 1, 2012

Photos, Oh-No, and WHOA!

Dawn's Plot Swap
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Happy Friday!

A random garage sale purchase surprises a 13-year-old with a picture of a relative he had never known.

So many different ways you could go with this one!
 Time travel: 
The uncle was sending him a message and the camera is really a portal.
Romantic Suspense:
The mother of the 13 year old sees the picture and realizes the girl in the picture is really a powerful person's wife who died under mysterious circumstances, just like her brother. 

You can also check out a past post about weird coincidences here.  

   A Dallas woman has found Neiman Marcus' generous return policy lacking, saying the luxury retailer wouldn't let her return $1.4 million worth of tainted items— many of them gifts her husband purchased from a store employee with whom he was allegedly having an affair.

If this is my story, the personal assistant is totally winding up dead and the wife wrongfully accused, but that's just me. (And, fiction! I wish no ill-will toward this random store employee!)

This lady has class and spunk. She would make an awesome secondary character! 

What could you make out of these? 
What's going on in your WIP? 
Heard any good plots lately?   



Jessica R. Patch said...

These are so good! Talk about stalking...all that money spent on clothes just to see a clerk? Although at that store, he may have only made 2 or 3 purchases! LOL

Teri Anne Stanley said...

I'm in "what if" land today: went to see Lady Antebellum last night, and I started thinking: What if they person you were missing and drunk dialing at quarter after one wasn't the one you meant to call? could go either could wind up murdered (because you told them "I'm all alone and i need you now"), or it could be the start of a great rom com...