Friday, June 29, 2012

Martial Arts, Soggy Cars and Soft Hearts

Dawn's Plot Swap
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This could be a great opening to a romance. Man rushes over to save Damsel-in-Distress, only she is already kicking everyone's butt. 

A follow-up story for this one revealed the car was stolen in 1976 and driven into the river by rigging the gas pedal. But, what if that is what they wanted you to believe? And, what happened between the time the car disappeared and when it was driven into the river? 

And, last today
an "AHHHH" story

Oh, the stories a teddy bear could tell. 
I was a "teddy bear" kid. My bear, Smokey (pictured above) was my constant companion and has now been passed down to my youngest daughter, who sleeps with him every night like I did. 
My uncle once drove over a 100 miles round trip to pick up Smokey from a hotel  so his hysterical niece could sleep that night.  I happen to know he did quite a bit of flirting with the clerk who thought it was beyond sweet that a 20-something guy was rescuing a lost bear. 
Lots of places to go with this one!

 Swap with me!
If you saw yesterday's post, you know my family and I just returned from vacation to  
San Antonio, Galveston and the boardwalk at Kemah.
Got any good vacation stories to swap? Lost childhood toys? Mysterious vehicles in rivers?


Jessica R. Patch said...

These are great. My son and my husband do martial arts and the Kioshi was telling a story in class one night, I was actually there to hear, about the black belt girl in the corner. Little ole thing. 18. Apparently, she was walking across campus one night when 4 college guys tried to assault her and guess what? She whipped their...tails. Of course, she mortified that he told this in front of every one and her face was beat red, but his point was, if you take it seriously, you'll be able to defend yourself when you need to. I'm so glad she could. That would have been horrifying if she couldn't.

Teri Anne Stanley said...

Great stories...
The other night, my kids and I were at a stop light. Next to us, in an old beat up Honda, was a guy all laid back, "wrist steering", bass thumping, and my kids started making fun of the way he was sitting, mimicking him (I was mortified).
As we rounded the corner, he pulled ahead of us, had a big window sticker...I said, "What's that? With our luck, it's his Mixed Martial Arts Studio."
We pulled up behind him at the next light...I was right. Then THEY were mortified! Or terrified, more like!