Friday, July 6, 2012

Men, Mice and Whiskey

Dawn's Plot Swap
Have a plot? Leave one.
Need a plot ? Take one.
First, I am dying to see what this guy looks like and to know if he is really an actor or if he just thought he was that good . As  a plot, I could see a female bounty hunter trying to prove herself by bringing in a big case. What could you do with this? 

Couple tries to visit Disneyland every day for a year

Both were unemployed and decided to use their season passes to "put a smile on our faces instead of sitting at home and being bummed out about being out of work." 
This kind of fascinated me. The conflict of dealing with unemployment (or a disintegrating  marriage~which was what came to my mind) in the "Happiest Place on  Earth" could make for some interesting twists. 

Oh, the places this one could go. Imagine a time-travel, what if he had put the whiskey there himself when he went to the past so he could find it in the future and know the experience was real? Is your head spinning yet? 
Or the beginning of a dual timeline story. The man finds the liquor and his life parallels the life of the man who put it there. 
These are my swaps for today. What'd you bring to trade? 

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Teri Anne Stanley said...

Romance writer goes to see Magic Mike and Channing Tatum and Joe Manganello show up and have a fight for the affections of the romance writer, who...
oh, never mind.