Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Important Part...

Tell Me Your Story Tuesday

If you aren't a Romance writer, (or are a romance writer but live in an editing cave) you might not be aware there is this little thing happen this week known as RWA NATIONALS.
Just a little writer's convention in Anaheim with approximately a bazillion published, pre-published, wanna-be-published, might-be-published-someday and haven't-written-a-word-but-how-hard-can-it be-to-get-published-? authors descending next door to the "happiest place on Earth"!

And, I'm one of them! (pause for excited SQUEEE!)

Social media is all abuzz with Who is going? Not going? What shoes should you wear? How many shoes can you cram into a carry-on suit case? What color are your nails? (Passionate Purple, by the way, thanks for asking)

My new twitter friend, Diane Farr blogged about how unimportant all of the above are to getting published. Like an agent is seriously going to ignore your fabulous or not-so-fabulous pitch and decide your fate based on your footwear. 

But, most of us are girls. 
This is what we do.
 It's like getting ready for camp and prom all in the same week. 
Of course, I wore this to prom.
I'm hoping to project a little more sophistication this weekend. 
And, a lot less hair. 

So, it isn't the shoes, the nails or the earrings that's important. 
For me, it isn't even that I will see some of my FAVORITE writer friends  (although that is enough to make me bounce around the room like Tigger on street speed).

For me, it is the fact: I am going. 
One year ago, I sat at home reading the #RWA11 tweets, living vicariously, but not truly believing I would ever go. 

Wednesday, I am getting plane and proving to myself that this writing thing is real. It has value and I'm not too bad at it. 

So, if you see me there, PLEASE SAY HI!  and, let me show off my cute, new shoes! 


Unknown said...

So excited for you. Wish I was going. Have fun for all of us who will be sitting at home reading the #RWA12 tweets.

Dawn Alexander said...

Thanks, Trisha! I'm sure I'll be tweeting like crazy. Expect lots of:) and !!!!

Teri Anne Stanley said...

Okay, so I can rationalize that the reason I am NOT going is because I have this foot issue right now, so I'm in sneaker HELL as far as shoes are concerned.

But maybe next year, huh?

Molly Cannon said...

I hope to see you there, Dawn!

Dawn Alexander said...

Teri~ I so wish you were going! We could push you around in a wheel chair or get you one of those really cool rascal scooters!

Molly~ I will be in line for you to sign my copy of Ain't Misbehaving!

Jen FitzGerald said...

Have fun and remember to take a breath and a rest every now and then. Four days of that is exhausting.

Chantel said...

Can't wait to hear about it!!!!!