Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Plot Swap~ Spirit Style

Have a plot? Leave one!

Need a plot ? Take one!

Spirited 13 Haunting Tales 

What other topic would be appropriate for today's plot swap than ghost stories? 
First, I have to admit I'm a big, fat chicken! I don't watch scary movies. I don't read ghost stories and researching for today's post will most likely give me nightmares for days. 
But, here is what I have for you. Hope you enjoy it while I am sleeping with my lights on! 

They see dead people:
Great article~ COMPLETELY freaked me out.
Sarah, just a toddler, refused to come downstairs until "he" left. Looking around, there was no one in the living room but me, but there Sarah sat, on the top of the stairs, peeking down between the banister rails and refusing to come down. The man was bad, she said, and she wouldn't come down until he was gone. After several minutes she told me he had put his jacket on and was leaving. And finally, she came down.

It inspired Stephen King to write The Shining. 
Need I say more?
The Stanley Hotel has many ghosts, but none of them have ever been violent, a rarity in the U.S. haunted house business. Room 481 has the most paranormal activity, as well as the entire fourth floor on which it's located. Children are heard playing in the hall, piano music drifts from a supernatural source, and a strange man has been reported appearing in people's rooms before going into their closets and vanishing. 

The article list several other haunted places. I didn't read all of them because I was getting goose bumps. I knew about the Stanley because one of my dear friends got married there. I attended the wedding, but we stayed at a different hotel!

and, last, I found this:

Ghost Hunting: A Spooky Science

If you needed an new an interesting way for a couple to meet, one of the articles I found about ghost hunting was an advertisement for classes. Now, that would make an interesting start to a relationship!

So, swap with me! What's your favorite ghost story? Are a you a horror fan or a yellow belly like me? 


Jessica R. Patch said...

"I knew about the Stanley because one of my dear friends got married there. I attended the wedding, but we stayed at a different hotel!" Dude! That's a plot right there! What if ghosts possessed their bodies while they made their vows and when the wedding was over they couldn't even remember getting married or who they were. What if they thought they were those two ghosts, only knowing their memories and how they met. So a ghost hunter person figures it out and helps them solve their (the ghosts) murder so they can have peace and two real people can go back to living their own lives. Or something like that. :)

Happy Halloweeeeeeen! Whooooo ooooh!

Jerrie Alexander said...

I love this concept of Friday swaps!

I used to watch scary movies, but they've gone so over the top I can't anymore. Unless you count Twilight, and then yes I'm in. Complete Edward fan here!

Dawn Alexander said...

Wow, Jessica! You just wrote a whole synopsis in a single comment. That is impressive.

Jerrie, I can't do scary movies. Twilight doesn't count as scary to me. By the way, Team Jacob all the way!