Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sunset of Summer

Tell Me Your Story Tuesday

                            I officially returned to work yesterday. In reality, I have been back since last Monday.  But, yesterday marked the true end of my summer.

                           Thursday, I will be revisiting the summer goals I set for myself here. Today, I want to reflect on the highlights.

Dawn's Best Moments of Summer: 

  • Two successful birthday parties

  • One great night remembering what it was like to be fourteen years old.

  •     Lots of time hanging out with these two. Just like this.

  • And even a few moments with this guy. 

That was my summer. No relaxing vacation. No exciting adventure. Just my life and you know what? That was okay.

So, tell me your story. What was your summer like? Did you have a grand adventure? Did you just enjoy the sunshine? Is your summer coming to a close like mine? Or do you have a few precious weeks left?


Tressa Green said...

For me, summer ends this weekend. I just dropped the boys off at school this morning and we're taking our daughter back to university this Saturday. I'm going to really enjoy the peace and quiet of an empty house while the kids are at school. :)

Summers are usually pretty much the same. Since my husband is a truck driver and doesn't get paid vacations, we never do anything special over summer break. We just sort of hang out. The boys did spend a week w/their grandma/pa and fished the whole time, so at least they got out a bit and had fun.

Our small vegetable garden is spectacular this year, though. :)

Unknown said...

My summer was really great! I live in Georgia right now (military), but my home is in Oregon. Normally in the PNW right now I would be thinking about decorating the house for fall, but it's still in the 90's here and it would seem weird to me to have "fall" with shorts and flip-flops.

Back to my summer. We (my husband and I) kicked it off with a trip to Disney World. We’ve only done Disneyland (a lot), but we’d never seen Florida’s version.

Then I flew to California to see our new granddaughter and our grandson. My husband got to take a nine day (working) vacation to Wales and London (lucky).

Next my husband and I had a midlife crisis (empty nest and all) and bought a Harley Ultra Classic (you know the kind that looks all comfy for the passenger? :-) I might have had something to do with the choice) and we learned how to dress like bikers (these are both things I swore I would never do, hence the midlife crisis theory).

And I took a trip to LA for the SCBWI 40 year anniversary conference with a couple of friends. You can see my rambles about the trip here...
...but here's the true highlight of my summer.

There were a few of us sharing a hotel room, which we were almost never in. The last night we were there, I was getting ready for bed and noticed a few gnats on the mirror. Then I realized we had accidentally left some discarded half eaten food items in the trash, left the do-no-disturb sign up and the California gnats found us. Yuck! Naturally we all freaked a bit, took out the trash and I did the only logical thing to do. I pulled every form of spray out of my bag and started spraying EVERYTHING, until my poor roommates couldn't breathe. I gave up on the sprays and grabbed a newspaper, running around the room swatting the annoying insects in miniature. It wasn’t long before it became a game and we were all gnat hunting, complete with secret agent names and Mission Impossible background music.

It’s funny that it’s the little unplanned experiences that stick with us more than the events we spend months preparing for.

Cheers to all of the adventures summer brings and to the wonders that await us next year.

Teri Anne Stanley said...

I'll be sending the Drama Queen to start 8th grade tomorrow, my boys don't start college until mid-September...Oh, crap! How did I get old enough to have college kids? I'm still a college kid, aren't I?

Anyway. No, I didn't get much done from my to-do list. One vacation at the lake, but not as much boating as we usually do. Didn't lose 40 pounds, either.

But that's okay, because I'm a Bengals fan! That means that hope springs eternal, and my glass always has room for more (the Bengals are currently ranked dead last in the ESPN polls).

Goalie41 said...

Nice pictures. my summer is really hot... check your email... i may die soon if you don't.


The Goalie up there.

Dawn Alexander said...

Tressa~ It is so funny to hear people who look forward to school starting to get peace and quiet. That is when my peace and quiet ends! That is cool you have a veggie garden. Everything here is dead. 120 degree days and no rain will do that.

Candie~ Sounds like you had an adventurous summer. I was laughing at your gnat story. I can totally picture it! Now I have the theme to mission impossible stuck in my head!

Teri~ I am inspired by your buoyant spirit!

Goalie (Otherwise known as Scott)~ You need help.
but, I love ya anyway. :)