Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Thinking about Thursday

As I mentioned on  Tuesday, today I am revisiting the goals I set for myself  here. 
Let's see how I did.

Dawn's Goals for Summer 2011
1. Finish revisions on Story #1 (with help of wonderful crit partners Teri Anne Stanley and Genevieve Wilson) I did finish the revisions. More than one set of revisions actually. In fact, I revised myself right out of the story. No matter how much I tweaked it. I just couldn't get it right. So, I guess this goal is a success?

2. QUERY, QUERY, QUERY. I am going to do it! You heard. I wrote it down. HOLD ME TO IT! Don't hold me to it. Or, don't hold it against me that I didn't do it. The story I had been working on wasn't ready. You can read about that decision here.

3. Complete the writing boot camp I am currently enrolled in, but have not had time to read the first lesson for yet. I did complete the class, well, I sort of completed the class. I didn't take advantage of the option to pitch to the teacher ( The Fabulous Candace Havens.  She is awesome. You should take classes from her!) 

I haven't decided how I feel about my semi-successful summer. I am definitely in a better place than when I wrote this about the end of last summer. 

So, what about you? Did you have goals for the summer? Writing or otherwise? Did you meet them? Kind of meet them? Remember you wrote them down? 


Jerrie Alexander said...

Dawn, I wrote them down, but admit I didn't push myself to live by them...not until I became critique partners with Barb Han! She asked me if I had put together my business plan. Well, of course I hadn't. I've been busy writing. :)

Putting together any type of business can be daunting. But I did it, complete with vision and mission statement. Listing off how I would improve my craft and what steps I would take for 2011. I've met a few and missed a few. I revise and work harder!

Barb was right. (Don't anyone tell her I said so.)

Jessica R. Patch said...

My goal was to make revisions and re-submit. Check. Then to work on crits for partners. Check.

I took a little break the rest of the summer, but I didn't feel bad. I worked on revising another book, but I hadn't set a goal to finish it, just when I had down time or the kids were gone.

But it's fall. And now I'm on it like a fly on poo. I've set my date to complete it for crit partners. I also have to repaint my bedroom furniture. I have yet to give myself a deadline. lol

I also planned to lose 10lbs. and failed miserably.

Teri Anne Stanley said...

Hmm. My goals:
1)Crit Dawn's story: Done, although still trying to convince her that just because it maybe needs to marinate a little, doesn't mean it needs to sit until it's eaten by fly larvae. However, I am pretty sure that Word files have a fairly long expiration date.

2) Write something. Okay, I did, I am. I didn't finish anything, but I had pretty low expectations of myself on that front. My new goal is to stifle the committee in my head that keeps telling me that I should pack it in and stick to science. But I suck at that, too (*SHUT UP, YOU STUPID COMITTEE!*)

3) learn how to spell Committee/comittee: Summer isn't technically over until labor day, right?