Thursday, June 9, 2011

Let Summer Begin!

Thinking about Thursday

It is FINALLY, and I mean, FINALLY the last day of school! I have never been so ready for summer in my entire teaching career!

The first few days of summer are like Friday nights to me. There is such anticipation and possibility. What is going to happen? What can you get done? Then, you blink. It's Sunday and you haven't accomplished half of what you intended.

With that in mind, today I am thinking about my goals for the summer. You can read about the goals I set for myself last summer here and how well I did or did not do with them here.

Dawn's Goals for Summer 2011
1. Finish revisions on Story #1 (with help of wonderful crit partners Teri Anne Stanley and Genevieve Wilson)

2. QUERY, QUERY, QUERY. I am going to do it! You heard. I wrote it down. HOLD ME TO IT!

3. Complete the writing boot camp I am currently enrolled in, but have not had time to read the first lesson for yet.

That's it. Short, simple and to the point.

So, what about you? What goals have you set for this summer?


Teri Anne Stanley said...

Goal #1: finish critting Dawn's Story #1 (ahem). Going on vacation next internet, thus no blog surfing (or, *gasp* work) to slow me down!

Goal #2: finish my story #1.

Goal #3: clean the kids' rooms. This might take two summers. We'll see.

Dawn Alexander said...

I really like Goals 1 and 2. If your kids rooms are like my kids rooms, I'll send a rescue team if I don't hear from you in longer than 24 hours!