Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Plot Swap

Dawn's Plot Swap
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Have you seen a news story that got your wheels turning? 
Do you have a plot in your head that would make a great story, just not one you intend to write?  
Leave it here on Fridays 
pick up a plot for your weekend writing time.
This week I am playing
"What if..."
What if a hot girl recently dumped by a hot guy decided to start dating every unattractive guy she met?  What happens when she starts to fall for one and he suddenly seems more attractive to her?

This article addresses three missing persons' cases. Other than being in the same location, they appear to be unrelated. But what if they were related? How would the victims be connected? What  would be the motivate for the kidnappers?
This is an interesting look into the drug cartels of Mexico. I don't know how much of the gladiator-like fights is true. It is disputed in the article, but what if a young reporter decided to make it her mission to find out the truth? What if she (or he) went into to Mexico undercover to bring down the cartel? Who would he/she meet? Who would help? How would he/she make it home?

So, Swap with me. 
What's got  your "What if?" gear turning this week?

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