Thursday, February 14, 2013

Friday Plot Swap~ Valentine's Style

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Happy Valentine's Day! 

Could you make something sweet and romantic out of these? 

Nothing really says, "I love you more than life itself." like nasty, hissing insects!

How you doin'? 

I can totally imagine a scene with a woman crying to her friends, 
"He named a ROACH after me!"

Seniors get their groove on at Valentine’s Dance

Read more here:
The interesting part of this story is that organizers brought in "20-something" rookie football players to make sure there were no wallflowers. 
Perfect set up for a young woman who had to take Grandpa to the local dance and met the man of her dreams... Who hopefully still had his own teeth! 
Especially if her grandpa was like this guy!

12 true stories of romantic trips gone awry

Still need some inspiration? Check out this link. Awesome plot-starter stories. 
I especially liked: 
"Do you wanna touch?"
"Love, Italian-style."

So, swap with me!
Got any awesome love stories? 
Deep down, do you really want to a hissing cockroach after your significant other? 

1 comment:

Teri Anne Stanley said...

What do you mean? My sig other IS a hissing cockroach.

I went to a wedding last night, and they had a photo booth, which was pretty cool...we went in and made goofy faces, got a copy for us and one to go in a scrapbook for the bride and groom.

What if a young lady got dragged in by her friends...a bridesmaid? and had a wardrobe malfunction just as the camera flashed, and the hot young photo booth attendant saved the day? Hmmm.