Monday, February 11, 2013

Makeover Monday~Paper Avalanche!

Makeover Monday

Paper Avalanche!

Run! Run for your lives!

My current WIP has an avalanche scene. 

My inspiration came from this.

Oh, the shame.

I almost didn't post this because...

Well, LOOK at it!

No, really. Don't look at it. 


This is my writing/lesson planning/bill paying/etc. area.

You can probably guess how much I was actually getting


I have this beautiful desk.

It has all sorts of cubbies and drawers. I love it.

But, it's on the other side of the house. 

And, for your own safety,

 you wouldn't want to roll up that top!

This is a space that will be featured on 

Makeover Monday soon.

Anyway, back to my side table. 

Some of the clutter experts emphasize figuring 

out why the clutter got to this point. 

I can tell you the why of the end tables. 


All of this paper was there because I couldn't deal 

with it. If someone was coming over, I would make it into a

nice, neat stack. Pretend I had it all together. 

Kinda like I was doing with my real life.

New Year's Day,  I turned on the Macy's parade.

 (Well, 'cause I love it! )

Grabbed a trash bag.

Turned on the shredder

And, went to  work.

I turned this....

Into this....

I even organized the drawer.

The best part is, for the most part, I've kept it clear for the 

past two months. 

Every time I see the avalanche building, I make myself stop 

and clear it off. 

Do you have a  precarious, pile of paper? 

Any trick for controlling the paper clutter that you want to 


Any spots in your house that look this? 

You can lie to make me feel better.  It's okay. 


Teri Anne Stanley said...

I have more piles of paper than you can shake a stick at. And please, no stick shaking, because it could get ugly if we stir up too much of a breeze, okay?

Marsha said...

Aw, Dawn. Yes, it's from stress, but mostly it's from being too busy to file. I have a larger space, but it becomes equally burried. I still print off too many things. Every so often, maybe monthly (At least monthly ought to be the goal.), I go through the papers and file. I get such a good feeling at seeing all the wood, you'd think I'd do it more often.:) Good for you on the organizing. You're an inspiration.

Unknown said...

The table next to my couch looks suspiciously like this one. Every once in a while, I'll do a massive purge, but the mess just creeps back over time. It's almost sentient at this point... [g]