Monday, September 3, 2012

Getting it together

Tell Me Your Story Tuesday
My younger daughter, age 4

So, I've been hiding. You may have noticed from the lack of a Friday Plot Swap (usually my favorite post). Also, I've spent very little time on twitter or Facebook. It's not that I've become anti-social. I just got stuck.

RWA Nationals pretty much knocked the wind out of me. The complete opposite of what I expected. I blogged about that here. I received awesome support and feedback. Which I appreciated while I was cleaning out my closet instead of editing. It still looks really pretty. You can see the pictures here.

Before I could make myself jump back into writing, I started a new job.

But, I think I've finally got it all together. I am excited about writing again. I'm excited about blogging and I am SOOOO ready to do some plot swapping. Have I got some stories for you!

Since it is Tuesday, tell me your story. Have you ever had to take a break and regroup? What worked best for you? Did you even notice Fridays have been dull and swapless?


Jen FitzGerald said...

Hey Dawn, I did notice Friday's were swapless. :)

I took a whole year off from life practically the year following my dad's death. Even questioned if I really wanted to write, though that whole year I finished an 88K word fan fic. :)

Teri Anne Stanley said...

I need to get back in the swing, too. Let's swing, baby!

Paul Anthony Shortt said...

Best of luck getting back into it, Dawn. It can be harder to get back at it than to start for the first time, so more power to you!