Friday, September 7, 2012

Return of the Friday Plot Swap!

Dawn's Plot Swap
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It's Back!
I have missed swapping with you.
Have I got some stories for you this week!

Woman spends summer as mermaid 

This woman would make an awesome character! Her fiance is a pirate. Does it get any better than that?  

For the full effect, you really need to check out the video. 


Central Texas woman aims for skunk, shoots husband

This story caught my eye because allegedly she fired the gun outside. The bullet missed the skunk, ricocheted off a deck, traveled through a closed back door and hit the husband. Hmm, a bit stinky to me. :)  


 Mary Todd Lincoln to be retried for insanity

This is for my Historical writing friends, but the story kind of fascinated me. The plan is to have actors playing Lincoln and her son, but real judges acting as lawyers and trying the case according today's laws. Imagine the story of preparing for that, especially if it happened to parallel what was happening in the person's life at that time...or if the lawyer happen to fall for the actor! 


It's been too long.

Heard any good plots lately?

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