Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just me

Tell Me Your Story Tuesday


Just Me
Today, I am featuring Me.
Presumptuous, I know. 
But since we already talked about sex, I thought we might get to know each a little better.

I have been writing since I can remember. It always surprises me when I meet other writers who say they are working on their first book. I have notebooks and notebooks of stories. Some complete, some not, some perfectly horrendous, some not so bad. Now, I have graduated to external hard drives. But, I have no idea how many I have  written.
I blame it on being an only child.

I loved being an only child. I never felt lonely or incomplete. But I did spend a lot of time making up stories to entertain myself which brings me to my first confession for today.
Until I was about 11 or 12, I thought everyone talked to themselves when they were alone. Not just making up stories or creative play, but "Oh, I like this song." or "I left my book at school. Wonder if we are going to have a test tomorrow."
Evidently, most people keep these thoughts in their head. Mine tend to spill out of my mouth.
Until  the past few years, no one knew I was still writing. I chose a teaching career and wrote only for myself. A series of events in my personal life and a thirty birthday led me to a grand revelation. If I was already 30, then someday, I was going to be 40 (!) . And that could not happen without me at least attempting to be published. So, after a long talk with my husband, I took a deep breathe and sent an email to my two closest friends with a  few chapters attached. To my complete astonishment, no one told me I was silly.

I am terrified of failing at this.

So, that's me. Let's hear about you? Did you talk to yourself? Are you working on your first book or do you have 32,405 (give or take a few) in a rubber maid tub in your attic? 
Anything you want to confess?
Come on. It's Tuesday. Tell Me Your Story.


Angi Morgan said...

Hey Dawn,
Thought I'd stop by and check your spot out. Nice. And and confessions. >>giggle<<

And interesting fact about your third confession. Almost everyone thinks they can write a book. About 10% follow through on their idea. About half of those (in the 10%) ever finish a book. And less than half of those who finish ever submit.

"Never give up. Never surrender." No matter what the odds are!

My confession: 10 years in RWA, a lifetime of writing...2nd book hits the shelves February 8th. YAY !!


Dawn Alexander said...

Hi Angi! Thanks for the confession :) Looking forward to your next book. Loved Hill Country Holdup!

Romance Odyssey said...

Very interesting Dawn.. So you talk to yourself? Hmmmm.... I would never do that. :)

Being A.D.D. I have about 15 stories in the works. I have my first out in the world of the reader and the second in submission. One other was complete, but when I submitted, instead of a "No way!", I was given some advise that I totally agree with and it is now in rewrite.

The only way I see to fail, is not to try... SUBMIT, SUBMIT, SUBMIT. All they can say is no thank you... You might find just the right home, or you might find that 'tweak' that will make your work 'The Bestseller'. If you don't submit you aren't giving them the opportunity to say, "Congrats! I would like to offer you a contract."

My confession: I'm a writer and my next (fingers crossed) book to be published is my first Erotic Romance!

Over all I agree with Angi, (with one of my favorite quotes) "Never give up. Never surrender."