Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hooray for Katie Ganshert!

Tell Me Your Story Tuesday


A friendly voice: Hi Katie, it's Rachelle, and this is the call you've been waiting for....

If you aren't already following Katie, you should! 

Mondays she blogs about writing.
Fridays she blogs about cares, concerns and celebrations.

This Monday she had  a particularly exciting announcement.

No longer a Writer in Waiting

She has a TWO-BOOK DEAL!

Click here to read her great story about how it all came to be!




Katie Ganshert said...

Wow! Thanks for featuring me Dawn! It truly is a dream come true and I've been so humbled by all the support and encouragement I've received!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome thing for Katie! Congrats to her and you are such a dear for featuring her! Wishing her continued success.

Dawn Alexander said...

I am happy to feature you, Katie!