Monday, August 19, 2013

The Magic of a Coat of Paint

Makeover Monday
The Magic of a Coat of Paint 
(or Why My Husband is Awesome.)

This chest 
is actually 
in this picture. 

This was the "Dress-up corner".
 I had dreams of my girls digging through the chest, 
trying on costumes 
and using the cute mirrors to admire their new looks. 
Um, yeah, that happened...oh, let me see.... NEVER. 

I've had the chest since before the girls were born. I have a matching table and stool. All that I planned to paint someday. Remember when I said I've had it since before they were born? My oldest is eleven, just so you know. 
Poor, poor, neglected chest. 
I even broke and lost the lid years ago. 

Enter my hero husband.

New lid and a coat of paint!
Isn't it pretty? 

It goes perfect in the new playroom 
(which we are currently trying to rename "the study" 
because heaven forbid our tweens have a "playroom".)

Next week, I'll show you the wonders a coat of paint did for the room itself 
as well as this beautiful piece of furniture. (You know you wish this lived at your house, don't lie.)

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